21st Century Wind, Inc (21CW)

21CW has patented technology to become the wind turbine generator OEM to meet the underserved moderate wind market niche. A utility will purchase electricity from 21CW's prototype.

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Today there tens of thousands of wind turbine generators providing 25 to 40% of the total power in the high US wind states and overseas.  That is because they are a low cost energy supplier. However there  are only handfuls of  wind turbines installed in the moderate wind eastern US, or West of the Rockies. This is because the global wind OEMs do not have an affordable product for the multi-billion dollar/year need in moderate winds. 21st Century Wind's team of wind turbine engineers, patent attorney, and CFO are developing a business - with proprietary technology now patented - whose utility-sized wind turbine generator will output 32 to 65% more electricity annually, and cost some 10% less to install, than others.
The company was recently selected to submit a grant ($1 3/4 million) request to the National Science Foundation, which was accomplished on June 3rd. Please see web site  www.21stCenturyWind.com  and the attached summaries/power point. To pursue, please contact John West at  [email protected]  or cell 717 961 9165 Thank you.
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