14 Lakes

Looking to find 750,000 to acquire a 4 unit building in downtown Antioch, IL. 3 of the units are rented and the 4th unit would be turned into the 14 Lakes concept.

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Table of Contents
1.    Executive Summary
2.    Company Overview
a.    Sample Menu
b.    Design/Layout
c.    Management Team
3.    Industry Analysis
a.    Target Market
b.    Location Analysis
c.    Competitive Analysis 
4.    Marketing Plan
a.   Customer Database
b.   Loyalty Program
c.   Community/Charity Involvement
d.   Public Relations
e.   Advertising/Social Media
5.    Operations Plan
a.    Staffing & Training
b.    Customer Service Policies & Procedures

Executive Summary
Welcome to 14 Lakes. An upscale yet casual American Bistro and Butchers Shop. 14 Lakes will strive to provide Antioch with the finest locally sourced, humanely raised, and highest quality meats in our Butchers Shop while our Bistro will emphasize truly elevated dinning in a casual atmosphere. The bistro will have two levels for dining with a bar on the second level. An outdoor deck/patio with pergola will be constructed on the second level overlooking lake street. Main floor dining will have garage doors that open onto lake street with additional sidewalk seating covered by a retractable awning. Initial opening expenses would involve display cases for the deli, replacement of some existing cooking equipment, remodeling of the interior décor and tables and reinvigorating the exterior with a deck, pergola, new façade, awnings, and garage doors.
Company Overview
14 Lakes Butcher & Bistro was conceived by 30-year chef Duane Boslet. He has lived in Antioch for the past 16 years and recognizes the need for a quality butcher’s shop and truly elevated dinning. Located at the heart of downtown Antioch on Lake street across from the Theater. 14 Lakes will provide a needed service in a unique atmosphere for this area. From the subway tiled walls, tin ceilings, soft earth tone colors, butcher block tables, candlelight, and warm inviting staff he strives to provide exceptional service and atmosphere. The menu will change based upon seasonal availability of the best quality meats and produce. The menu will have other flexible components to it, being associated with the Butchers Shop guests will be given the ability to choose their entrée option and portion sizes as they see fit. One guest wanting a 12oz steak and another wanting a 6oz is possible as the steaks will be hand cut onsite. The menu will also change daily/weekly based upon the availability and delivery schedule optimizing the freshness and quality. As the guests arrive, they will be greeted and have the option for outside dinning (12 main level and 12 upstairs patio) or inside dinning (45 Main level or 20 upstairs). The interior will have a neutral brown/white farmhouse style painting, accents of more modern industrial light fixtures, subway tiled walls in the butcher’s shop, faux tin ceilings in the main dining areas. The service style will be welcoming, casual but still maintain a high level of professionalism and guest centric attention to detail. The second level will be available for additional seating during normal business hours but will also host private events, cooking classes, chef demos along with wine and spirit tastings. 
*Layout first floor see attached document #1
*Layout second floor see attached document #2
Sample Menu
The menu will be based on classic Bistro styling focusing on locally sourced, sustainable, and seasonally produced meats, dairy and produce. We will offer lunch and dinner services 6 days a week and a brunch service on Sundays. A top shelf spirits and wine bar will be located on the second level also serving local craft beers. First courses on the menu would be soups, salads, small plates, and elegant chilled seafood towers. An extensive burger menu would be available with multiple styles of burger blends available like Prime, Brisket & Bacon, Beef & Mushroom and a house made vegetarian burgers. All the burgers are set up in a custom choice format allowing for hundreds of combinations. Classic hot sandwiches would also be available like a Cuban or Rachael.  Entrees would consist of fresh cuts from our butcher and daily seafood selections following the same format of customization of sides, sauces and even portion size. The menus would be adaptable to the daily availability of what is produced out of the butcher’s shop. Menus being printed daily on-site gives 14 Lakes flexibility and agility to react with an ever changing market. This provides the ability to react and stay ahead of any market fluctuations in the future.
*Menu see attached document #3
*Butchers Menu see attached document #4
*Wine and Spirits Menu see attached document #5
Design / Layout
The layout of the restaurant will enable the retail aspect to compliment the restaurant function. There will be some quick service seating near in the retail side of the operation allowing space for those who wish to grab a quick lunch, dinner or carry out. The other section and additional space upstairs allow for a more relaxed experience. Classic bistro style service ware with blue rimmed bistro plates and napkins to match the 14 Lakes color. Simple rustic silverware and stemless glassware compliment the setting. The staff will dress in classic button-down shirts and black slacks. Chefs will be in standard chef attire. The lighting will be a modern farmhouse look with candles at each of the butcher’s block tables.

Management Team

Goal-oriented and highly accomplished chef with 20+ years restaurant industry experience and a culinary arts degree.  Exceptional organization and time management skills and keen attention to detail. Demonstrated ability to manage diverse teams, ensure smooth, cost-effective food service operations, design menus, and create outstanding food and service. 
Core Competencies
•         Innovation and Creativity: Designs and implements menus that bring restaurant concepts to life and that delight the eyes and palate.
•         Management and Business Savvy: Adept at establishing and maintaining strong business relationships with clients, colleagues, guests, and vendors. Motivates, direct, and coaches individuals and groups.
•         Operational Excellence: Maintains required food costs with minimal food waste, strictly adheres to sanitation and restaurant safety standards and maximizes kitchen staff time.
Professional Experience
Sodexo, Schaumburg IL                                                                                                  20017 to Present
Executive Chef: Leads food service operations for corporate clients manages kitchen staff including hiring, alignment, scheduling, day-to-day coaching and motivation. 
•        Ensures excellence of product and service standards are upheld
•        Develops daily menus with an emphasis on organic, local, seasonal and sustainable practices
•        Performed monthly interactive cooking demos for clientele
•        Produced monthly café takeovers with a themed small plates menu
•        Maintains hourly labor predictions and food cost budget
•        Maintains sanitation, health and safety standards by HACCP regulations
•        Exceeds client expectations on company catered events
•        Serves 1000+ guests daily
Guckenheimer, Greater Chicago Area                                                                                  2009 to 2017
Executive Chef, Chef Manager, and Catering Director: Leads food service operations for corporate clients Manages kitchen staff including hiring, alignment, scheduling, day-to-day coaching and motivation. 
•         Ensures excellence of product and service standards are upheld.
•         Develops daily menus with an emphasis on organic, local, seasonal and sustainable practices
•         Maintains hourly labor predictions and food cost budget
•         Maintains sanitation, health and safety standards by HACCP regulations
•         Exceeds client expectations on company catered events
•         Serves 300 – 1000+ guests daily
Levy Restaurants, Greater Chicago Area                                                                           2008 to 2009
Chef: Exceeds service and product standards for a large events arena with service and buffet function for thousands of guests and a 100-seat upscale restaurant. 
•         Manages a kitchen staff of 15+ employees, including hiring, alignment, scheduling, day-to-day coaching and motivation. Ensures excellence of product and service standards through others.
•         Develops and implements new menu items and offerings.
•         Maintains hourly labor predictions and food cost budget.
•         Maintains sanitation, health and safety standards.
•         For restaurant opening: Established and documented kitchen and product guidelines, hired and trained culinary staff
Savoir Chef Personal Chef Services, Greater Chicago Area                                          2007 to 2008
Chef/Owner: Owner and operator of personal chef service.
•         Catering for two to 80+ guests 
•         Consultation, staff management, cooking and outstanding guest service.
•         Restaurant consulting services for existing and start-up ventures.
Viti Enterprises, Greater Chicago Area                                                                               2004 to 2007
Chef: Opening/Executive Sous Chef for Miramar, Gabriel’s, Poncho Viti’s, and Gabe’s Backstage Lounge.
•         Planned, documented, and implemented product and menus across four restaurants.
•         Maintained optimal food and supply costs and product flow.
•         Sold and coordinated special events to provide an extraordinary dining experience.
•         Managed vendor relationships, ensuring consistent high-quality, low-cost products.
•         Exceeded service and product standards for a 2.5 M, 150-seat bistro.
•         Screened, selected, trained, and managed kitchen staff.
Café Absinthe, Chicago                                                                                                   1998 to 2004    
Executive Chef, Pastry Chef, and Line Cook: Designed and executed extraordinary seasonal menu for a 62-seat, 1.5 M fine-dining restaurant. 
•         Supervised front- and back-of-the-house operations. 
•         Designed and executed dessert menu.
•         Prepared cold food and desserts, chef and expeditor.
Industry Analysis
The market in general is in the beginning stages of recovery. The Village of Antioch seeks to invigorate the downtown area and make it a destination to residents from outlying communities. The area is seeing several renovation projects with new businesses and restaurants currently under construction. There is a generous incentive to match 50% of the renovation to the building’s façade and exterior. Other new business development is happening within Antioch along the 173 corridors. The lake street and 83 intersection are a well-traveled area both on foot and by car. It is the main business area of the city with many retail shops, banks, Dr offices, theaters, and parks. 
Target Market
The target market reaches those who are looking for higher quality locally sourced sustainable fresh meats and provisions along with those looking for a different style of dinning then what is around. The atmosphere will attract the younger newer families to the area along with the long-term residents looking for a classic dinning atmosphere. 14 Lakes will fill the void of a quality butchers shop along with the need for high end dinning. Sustainability humanely raised hormone free
Location Analysis
*See Downtown Antioch Economic Development Initiative Report
Key notes from report:
75% wanted to see the improvement of the quality of Main Street's businesses 
37% wanted to see both fostering of locally owned businesses and attracting more visitors
50% wanted to see both new businesses in the downtown area and supporting their growth
37% wanted to supported working with business to improve the downtown’s buildings 

 |   | Seats | Meals | Pricing | Hours | Notes
 | 14 Lakes | 60 | Lunch & Dinner | $20 Lunch $40 Dinner | 11:00 am – 10:00 pm* | Bar, kitchen and Retail Butcher
 | Oliveri | 60 | Lunch & Dinner | $20 Lunch $40 Dinner | 11:00 am – 9:00 pm | Standard unchanged Italian menu
 | Taylors on Toft (may have closed) | 50 | Dinner Only | * | 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm (1am) | Newer Bar/Restaurant “Tapas”
 | Mexican Paridise | 50 | Lunch and Dinner | $15 Lunch $25 Dinner | 11:00 am-10:00pm | Standard Mexican Restaurant and Bar
 | Davids Bistro (may have closed) * | 60 | Dinner | $45 Dinner | 4:00 pm- 9:00 pm | French Bistro
 | Anastasia’s | 70 | Lunch and Dinner | $20 Lunch $30 Dinner | 11:00 am- 10:00 pm | Sports Bar


Marketing Plan
A blend of direct marketing along with a strong social media presence will be needed to bring the operation to fruition and ongoing success. A media presence will be established with local radio stations for special promotions. Partnerships will be developed with local business with special promotions to drive sales. Ongoing relationships with other restaurants will be set up through the butcher’s shop for custom, last minute or spec ordering. An email database will be established with customers to promote special events. A loyalty program will be developed for the butcher’s shop. Websites will be developed with an online ordering platform for both the butcher’s shop and bistro. Monthly promotions will be highlighted, promoted, and tied into special events (cooking classes, wine tastings, Holiday specific events, community events, e.t.c…) with direct marketing through social media and direct customer engagement. 
Customer Database
Using a POS system, we will track the ongoing hourly, daily, weekly, monthly data and formulate appropriate strategies to maximize opportunities. Customer data will be tracked on their visits by building a robust loyalty/reward program. Incentives will be given to participate within these data matrix. Check averages, frequency and # of guest per reservation will be valued against time, date, season, special events and weather. Promotions will be geared to maximize time/dates with participation shortfalls.
Loyalty Program
A loyalty program will be implemented for both the Butcher’s Shop and Bistro. The plan will tie in gross amount spent along with frequency of visits.
Community / Charity Involvement
14 Lakes plans to be involved within the community by participating in community events and holiday functions. We plan to endorse local high school, park district teams and afterschool activities. We also want to partner with the local food bank in the effort to help struggling families in the community.  Being a steward of the “chain of lakes” by using ethically and sustainable sourced goods.
Public Relations/Advertising/Social Media
A one page “press release” will be created highlighting the features of the business with the intent to distribute to media outlets (internet, radio, and print) with the intent to gain initial exposure and create buzz. These releases will be posted at local businesses and public areas within a 20-mile radius. The press release will also be circulated on social media and through interpersonal social groups. 
Operations Plan
Staffing & Training
●     Staff Needed: Chef (Duane), Manager (Steven), 3 Cook ,1  Cook/Utility, 4 Servers, Butcher
●     Staff will be sought through online job boards, local schools and word of mouth referrals
●     Interview guidelines will be created to give an appropriate setting to the hiring process
●     Staff will be hired two weeks prior to soft opening with the week prior dedicated to orientation and training
●     Employee job descriptions will be created prior to hiring and adjusted as needed
●     Wages will be competitive to the current climate, local with regard to the applicant’s experience
●     Pay will be handled on a biweekly basis and based strictly off scheduling and daily approved adjusted punches
●     Scheduling and Time keeping will take place through the POS system to ensure accurate time keeping

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