12volt O.E.M. Integration and Security

we need a new van and a shop to continue our growth.

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12volt O.E.M. Integration is a mobile service that brings the shop to you from finding the right audio, security, accessories, lighting and troubleshooting. 12volt specializes in cars, trucks, classic cars, motorcycles, boats, off road vehicles, and almost anything that has electricity running through its veins.
12volt is not the only company that we have we also have a 3d printing company called Amoebic Applications that deals with 3D Printing, CAD, R&D, Photogrammetry, Recreation and restoration, moulds, etc. Amoebic Applications brings your ideas to reality with 3D Printing, CNC, and Engraving whether it is a prototype, car part, household item, a repair on a priceless family heirloom, or something you just thought up in your head. we can bring it to life.
We are growing rapidly and need to expand our fleet and our shop. in doing this it will allow for more machinery, shop space, allow us to keep up with the new technology, and allow us to expand our clientele to across the US and even Internationally. 

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