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To build a new generation of the current Zenloc alarm. And to go global with it.

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Zenloc Alarm Features and Benefits.
The Zenloc Alarm has not just been designed and constructed as a standalone Portable Alarm, to protect Goods in Transit whilst at rest and give added protection to the Driver, but also to protect itself both physically and electronically.


The current device is made up of two components. The Handset, which when being used is generally retained by the Driver and used to "disarm" the device, and communicate via a clever coded signal with the Alarm Base unit, which is generally mounted across the rear doors on the Rigid Trailer or Container doors.
The base unit has been constructed of a heavy-duty plastic moulding, but with many different self protection sensors and technologies built in. The attachment method is again by four individual magnetic feet on the base of the alarm. These feet will resist a pull of up to 11lbs each, but in turn have sensors built into each of the feet which will activate the alarm in the event of the alarm being disturbed. (This is protected by an issued USA patent)
All of the sensors are outlined below. This alarm incorporates a Siren (118 decibels), a Strobe light. (To show visibly, particularly at night which Alarm has been activated)  

Series of sensors
There are seven integral sensors and electronic alarm devices to ensure that the Alarm is as tamper proof as is possible. These are outlined below.

1. Each of the magnetic feet has their own individual self protection sensors built in. If the Alarm is disturbed from its mount in any way, shape or form, one or more of these sensors will detect this disturbance and set the alarm off.
2. Internally within the Alarm is a “Tremble Unit” which is sensitive to movement. This has a dual purpose in as much as it will alert the Driver via the Handset that he or she has driven off without disarming the Alarm but will also detect any attempt by a would-be thief or stowaway to gain access to the Truck or trailer.
3. When the Alarm is “armed” there is an Electronic “handshake” between the Alarm base unit and the remote control. Each of these is programmed with unique codes during manufacture and in the event of loss of communication between Handset and Base Unit, will alert the user by a specific tone from the handset. This tells the Driver that he or she is either out of range of the Alarm or that there is a problem with the communications between handset and base unit. It informs the driver that SOME action needs to be taken.
4. Internally, the circuitry of The Alarm is also protected electronically. Any attempt to Interfere with or open it will cause the alarm to activate.
5. The Access Panel at the rear of the device is security sealed during manufacture. Any unauthorized attempt to access the Alarm through this access panel will again render the Alarm useless.
The alarm is designed to give both the driver and his cargo full protection when the vehicle is at rest. It will alert the driver of an attack when he is at rest by giving him a loud audible tone in his cab from the receiver. He can then take immediate action to protect firstly himself, and then his cargo. He no longer is required to get out of his cab to see if there is a problem, putting himself in danger. If the alarm sounds, there is a danger.......!
Simple to use:
Charge whilst driving to a place of rest.

Quickly and simply attach to rear doors. Auto arming.

Turn on the handset. – YOU ARE FULLY PROTECTED

2022 Upgrades - Where investment is now required.
Due to the advancement in systems, we want to offer the alarm with App technology and Head-End Software. We have established a working relationship with a company in Kansas that can produce an App for the alarm. Doing away with the need of a handset, and giving the alarm unrestricted range.

With the app comes a dashboard, this would allow third parties (Such as fleet managers) to see the location, condition, and state of the alarm. Notifications can then be sent directly, as soon as an alert has been triggered. 

This puts Zenloc on the world map, and can generate sales worldwide.

As the owner and inventor of Zenloc, I can now confirm that I have almost everything in place to make the alarm successful. Manufacturing, Mould making and Technical assistance. However, I have been unsuccessful in obtaining financing for the product.

Current interested parties are as follows.
Lockheed Martin
Loves Transport
POD Association of America

Besides selling to the global market. There seems to be a demand for a rental option. This would add significant monthly revenue to the company. And assist cash flow.
As mentioned above, I am now looking at my options. Which include, Investment, Licencing, or selling as is.

Barry J Schofield

Zenloc LLC
b[email protected]
Tel: 816-848-4435
Landing page at www.zenloc.com

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