YUP investment Corp.

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Looking for an investor to help start an investment company. Currently looking to purchase an established bar/bowling alley with an attached house.  I'm looking for $650,000 for the purchase of the business and startup money for legal fees. The current operators of the business are in a lease to buy contract. Due to an unexpected child they are looking to get out of the business. They approached me and asked if I was interested. I am interested provided I can find an investor to back the purchase. I'm willing to pay as much as 8%.  The original investor that I had contacted has backed out.
 I have found an interested party to run the business and pay $7500 a month for rent.  In addition, I have a tenant ready to move into the attached 3-bedroom house for an additional $1000 a month.  
I'm looking for investors from the Fox Valley Wisconsin area but not opposed to investors from outside this area.  This investment will be the first for the Yup Investment Corporation that I'm looking to establish.  

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