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Grooming an American educational character with style and grace.. IG @xyzeducational

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I’m Grooming an American educational character such as “Big Bird” “Spongebob”.

Good evening. I’m a musician from New Orleans. Verified on YouTube and all other major music platforms. I generate over $6k a month (usually more, sometimes less) between streaming checks. local events, hostings and performances. I’ve recently started working on a project very special to my heart. It’s a NEW WAY to sing the ABCs.

 I’ve traveled across the country from coast to coast introducing this new character “Mr. Xyz”  I’ve created the past few months. I’ve hand created all props seen in photos attached. I own 100% of “Xyz Educational” “the Xyz song” and “TheOliviaDoll” . I’m in the process of introducing this character to the world and pitching the idea to PBSKIDS/Disney/NickJr I’ve always made enough money to support my career without the help of loans; strictly work ethic and love for music, but this is HUGE and I want to make sure I do it with class and style; I don’t want this project cheaply done or presented. I don’t have a lawyer or any fancy words; I simply need assistance; a $250k-$300k loan. I, alone, can pay back this amount within 5-7 year term without success from the project. XYZ EDUCATIONAL WILL BE SUCCESSFUL! The idea is GOLD! It’s already getting a lot of good responses. I need help to take this masterpiece to the next level. This could possibly be a Billion dollar entity.  Please carefully look over evrything before a final decisions is made. Thank you ! God bless. Attached are bank statements ,photos of product/character plot , song link  More photos on Instagram @xyzeducational 

Xyz Educational is registered. The song on YouTube is copyrighted. And props and characters are created by me as well. There will soon be a educational YouTube channel with daily post for kids with added characters as time progress. 

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