Wynn and Wear Compression Garments

Re-invention of breast cancer compression bras

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I am re-inventing compression bras for post surgical patients with a focus on breast cancer. I am raising $50,000 to help with mass production, distribution, fees for independent contractors, taxes, marketing, the best fabric and materials, and many other items which go into starting a business.  The idea for re-invention stems from direct feedback from patients who have gone through breast cancer surgery and are in need of a better garment. We have also spoken with breast cancer surgeons who believe our product would benefit the population in a major way. As a Registered Nurse, I am passionate about ensuring patients have what they need for their care. A better compression bra is often at the top of their list. Although Wynn and Wear has a focus on breast cancer patients, our product can be used for women who've had elective surgery for breast augmentation. In the future, we hope to extend our line to additional garments needed by patients in the post-operative setting. 

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