World Wide Trading Resource Centers

We are a nonprofit that is partnered with a renewable energy company. We want to create sustainable centers where locals trading trash in exchange for a resource or electricity.

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Rising Passions Resource Center would like to create worldwide trading centers.  Our vision is to partner with local schools and orphanages because children are our future and also the most vulnerable.  Every country has a resource that another country needs so being true to our vision statement in people helping people we would like you to be the first to join hands with us in this endeavor.

Rising Passions will begin by sending the local community resources that are needed.  These will be housed in a center on one side of the school/orphanage.  The other side will house an American made carbon negative ePod gasifier system that takes trash and turns it into electricity; even plastic and medical waste.  Here the local community can earn a token for every 5 pounds of trash they bring in.

Tokens can also be earned by locals trading their skills, time, arts and crafts. These items will be shipped back to the United States and sold or sent as a resource to another country.  

These tokens can be used in the Resource Center for needed resources or traded for electricity.  One token is the equivalent for one kilowatt of energy. 

The proceeds from all sales from the ePod will go back into the community in three ways: 

·         Buying more resources for the community,
·         Creating manufacturing of local products on hand; an example of this would be making banana chips, bottling coconut milk/water, filling sand bags etc.
·         Starting new resource centers in neighboring communities.    

The proceeds from the United States sales of the crafts and manufactured items will be spent the same way.

 We will be reaching out to community sponsors to fund the transportation of needed resources.

Each Resource Center startup cost will be $11 Million US Dollars.


Kendall Dennis:  President

Jolene Muilenburg:  Director

Rising Passions Resource Center Proposal

ePod  5 million USD.  Boiler, Shredder, Peletizer $4mil USD.  Buildings $1mil USD

            A Carbon Negative Gasifier System that turns 30 Tons of Trash/Day into;

·         48 Mega Watts of Energy/day 
·         3 Tons of Clean Bio Char
·         1.5 Tons of Clean Fly Ash      
·         These eco friendly byproducts will be sold or traded to the local community   


Tokens: Are earned to be traded for electricity or a resource from the Rising Passions Resource Center.

·         A token value = 1 Kilowatt.  

How tokens are EARNED.

·         1 Token will be earned for every 5 pounds of trash (2 pounds of trash=1KW of energy)
·         Tokens can be earned by trading a treasure…anything with a resale value arts/crafts 
·         Tokens can be earned by trading time 

Resources  $1 Million

These will change depending on the needs or wants of the community.  Some examples would be blankets, shoes, school supplies, building supplies, medical supplies.

Business Partners:

            Business Partners will sponsor the transportation of the needed resources.


            The ePod burns cleaner than natural gas and it’s eco friendly byproducts will be used :

1.    To purchase more resources for the Community
2.    To create jobs for the Community
3.    To start more Resource Centers in Neighboring Communities.


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