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Raising $500K to purchase & ship necessary goods to get our domestic & ecommerce North/South American Markets off and rolling with a strong launch such as

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Roller Skates and Global wheeled goods! We have assembled the best product developers and global sales professionals to create, design, manufacture, produce, sell and ship any type of roller skates, scooters, balance bikes, protective gear and more with wheels globally. Our Team of experts have years of success in designing, producing, bringing to market and selling small to the very largest retailers both on shelf and ecommerce globally. Roller-skates produced by our team are currently being sold in Walmart, Sams, TJ Maxx, Target, Academy Sports and many many more along with a selling presence on nearly every ecommerce site possible. Our World Roller International Team understands this business better than any other roller skating company in the world. We understand the consumers wants and needs. Our team understands the tenacity and drive needed to market our products via social media platforms and by working with the right influencers. The players in this industry overall do not seem to have the desire to be a dominate force with average revenues from 30-80 Million yearly. The global business of skates/wheeled goods is in the neighborhood of 800 Million. These companies produce what they want and have no desire to be the #1 name in the roller skating industry, but we do. The World Roller International Team has the experience, the know how to provide the best in design, quality, performance, safety and can dominate this field with a 2-5 year plan and strategy.

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