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Raising $150k to purchase Enhanced Compensation Plan Allstate Book of Business and Working Capital

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I am opening an Allstate Agency in Pinellas County to sell all lines P&C products and Life Insurance. I am in the process of purchasing a small book of business from an Enhance Compensation Plan Allstate Agent(43% commission) who opened in April 2020 and lost his employees due to COVID. He came from the claims side of the business and decided selling insurance was not for him. He is selling the book for only $20k and I need $130k working capital. I have worked for Allstate for 5 years now, 3 of them as a sales manager. I have remained in the top 3 LSP's of my market for the tenure of my career at Allstate. I was invited to speak at the Allstate Licensed Sales Professional Forum in 2019 and I was at the top of the Territory which spans from Naples to Orlando for Condo Sales at the 2020 Licensed Sales Professional Forum. I have completed all of the Exclusive Agent Training with Allstate to become an Agency Owner and I was working on a sale of an existing established Agency from Treasure Island which fell through at the last moment before I was due to open because the SBA declined the loan that my bank approved. I now have this opportunity to take advantage of an Enhanced Compensation Plan Agency which pays 43% Commission up front and 10% on the renewals. I have averaged $40k to $50k in premium myself alone and I will have 4 employees working for me as well. I am looking raise $150k and I am open to lending terms.

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