Williamsburg Cider Company

Raising $300K to purchase business from existing owner . Raise includes but not limited to Op Cap, Equipment Lease and Renovations

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The Following is brief proposal for the Williamsburg Cider House.
The Hard Cider category in Virginia and Mid Atlantic offers tremendous opportunity.  The Leading Hard Cider is located in Charlottesville, VA and Ashville, NC literally dominates the Regional Hard Cider Space. Our proposal would be to create an Authentic Cidery in Williamsburg capitalizing on the History of Hard Cider in Colonial Virginia, Williamsburg, and Jamestown.  
Hard Cider played a very important role in Colonial Times and was the beverage of choice for the settlers.  Hard Cider was used as currency in bartering for other goods and services and founding fathers such as George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson are all documented as starting their day with a tankard of Hard Cider.
We would like to take advantage of that heritage branding with suggested names to include but not limited to:  “FIRST COLONY HARD CIDER”   “FOUNDING FATHERS HARD CIDER”, “OLD GLORY HARD CIDER”. “UNION JACK HARD CIDER”.
We currently have 6-8 flavors of Hard Cider currently branded under another name which are award winning formulas.  We will use these flavors expending with a new line.
The Opportunity to market Hard Cider in Williamsburg and the Tide Water region will be the primary focus.  In house sales and other market activities will be very important in both retail sales, sampling and promotion.  We can either convert the Brewery into a Cidery or add as a secondary brand housed in the same building.
Projected sales:
Projected sales will be both “In house” and “Commercial”.
Year            “In House”          “Commercial”              Total$
Year 1         $350,000.00                  $150,000.00                            $500,000.00
Year 2         $400,000.00                  $550,000.00                            $950,000.00
Year 3         $450,000.00                  $750,000.00                            $1,200,000.00
Year 4         $500,000.00                  $1,000,000.00                        $1,500,000.00                
Year 5         $500,000.00                  $1,500,000.00                        $ 2,000,000.00
Pro forma available upon request.
Additional equipment will be required to include a cross-flow filter, bottle line and fermentation tanks.
This is an “INCREDIBLE” opportunity.  We certainly have the history, experience, knowledge and work ethic to make this a very successful investment.  
As a note; in 2011 I created A Hard Cider  growing this brand from a $0 Base to a brand doing over $6M is annual sales.  In 2014 our Brand  was far and away the number regional cider along the East Coast and out sold other Regional Hard Ciders An equity group invested and literally stole the company away from me and continued to take excessive fees cheapening the brand which negatively affected the sales.  We had been awarded the "Bev Star Award" in 2015 and The HOT BRAND IMPACT: award in 2016 and nominated in 2017.  I can do the same with a Nee Hard Cider brand  made from 100% Apple Cider, low sugar and carbs and outstanding flavors.  Samples available upon request.
Incredible growth Opportunity in an established Brewery converting to Cidery in VA. Need $300K interest only loan at 8% ballooned in 36 mos with 25% equity retainment. Company will be at $2M in sales in in 48 to 60 mos 

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