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Webefree Ltd. is an authentic American-made apparel brand that is redefining what it means to be an American, in today's society.

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Webefree Ltd. LLC is licensed to operate in the state of Alaska by myself, Tandi Elaine. I'll be working on a trademark next, during production. I have a manufacturer in the US, using American-sourced fibers via Royal Apparel, embroidery, print, super steezy and very simple in appearance. No gaudy or tacky logos or graphics. One word logo "Webefree Ltd" embroidered above the left chest (heart), one on the back by the tag (bravery) and a small cuff tag with #1963 on the right sleeve. Slate and black hoodies, joggers with pockets, and soft tees with print to start with. 

But the real interest lies in the heart of Webefree. I want every American from country Republicans to young Black kings rocking Webefree, and when they walk past each other on the street I want their clothing to speak louder than words, to allow others to acknowledge and recognize one another as brethren, above and beyond any political issue, simply because we are all American. The #1963 statement refers to that fateful year when Americans of all races stood outside in protest, for the first time in American history, as a unified front in support of equal civil rights for Black Americans in this country. The strength and tenacity exhibited by these astute Americans in #1963 is the lifeblood of our great country.

Mission Statement: 

"Webefree Ltd. is an authentic American-made apparel brand that is redefining what it means to be an American, in today's society. You won't find any flags here, though. Geared toward the current mainstream 50 and under, but genuine enough for anyone, Webefree has a steezy simplicity that everyone loves, while also encompassing American values of courage, tenacity, and the strength to overcome any obstacles this world may put forth. Webefree is about loving thy neighbor, being helpful, respectful, genuine, and true.. and we recognize the importance of communal efforts, especially around social and racial injustices, the topic of police brutality, equal freedoms for all, as well as other common problems we are all facing together as a nation. Webefree is changing what everyone comes to think of as American, and restoring honor to the American name and timeheld values like bravery and humility. Webefree is a nation strong, United."

My goal is to help unite the United States on a national scale, much like Nike or Supreme. I have no competition that I'm aware of in attempting to gather this much national attention. I have a profit goal of $1mil in 1 year upon actually launching. I need manufacturing, embroidery/print costs, tags, barcodes, website, shipping costs, trademark, and marketing costs to be funded to get my products off the line. I estimate I would need about $200k to accomplish this successfully and launch Webefree to the general public. From there I see myself moving to a more streamlined system of embroidery to packaging, possibly going out of my home state of Alaska to accomplish this. I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your time and consideration.
Tandi Elaine

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