WaterPetal Conservation, Ease of Access, Sanitation.

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Conservation, Ease of Access, Sanitation.

A device for the handicapped and the consumer.

WaterPetal has a patent and is ready to go to testing and manufacturing. It is a solution waiting for its release.
Several years ago as a business owner and software designer, I sustained a head injury that limited my mobility. Daily tasks that I took for granted could no longer be accomplished. This changed my life dramatically.

When I first conceived of this product, my approach was to help the handicapped, however, I realized how much water could be saved by using the device. With the onset of the Covid-19 virus, I realized that the sanitation aspects of the WaterPetal are life-saving.

WaterPetal is a simple device, built using more than 50% already available parts. Using pre-manufactured parts, can bring this solution to market sooner. This product does not require electronics of any type, and can be completely manufactured in the United States.

The WaterPetal can be easily installed by the consumer, it can also be moved and reinstalled by the consumer.

Funding is required to complete some of the following.
Prototype and Testing phase to make things solid.
Acquire (lease) warehousing space.
Build inventory for initial release.
Start up staffing.
Capital for marketing initial release strategies.

Thousands of people daily could benefit from this solution. 

Please contact me if you're interested in this project, thank you.

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