Wairco Goods Inc

$700k for 20% - Apple AirTag accessory company forecasting $40M in revenue by 3rd year.

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OVERVIEW: A company in the business of creating wearable tech accessories for the soon to be released Apple AirTag.

PROBLEM: Kids and elderly with dementia are at high risk of wandering off or getting lost. Many don't carry cell phones nor can they recall the contact information of their caregivers.
Caregivers seek assurance in the knowledge of their loved ones whereabouts.

SOLUTION: The AirTag Snap Case from Wairco, will allow caregivers to attach Apple AirTags to their loved ones without fear of it being removed. This will bring peace of mind to the caregiver and security to the vulnerable individual. The tag will be easily attached to clothing so that it can be worn discreetly and comfortably against bare skin and send an alert should it leave the perimeter of a home.

BENEFITS: The present invention makes possible the ability to mount and retain, in a tamper resistant way, personal tracking tags to materials and substrates, objects, and people or animals traditional methods are not suitable, appropriate, durable or safe. Furthermore, the mounting method can be incorporated into the device such that removal of both the device and the tracking tag is very difficult by children, seniors or animals without sufficient dexterity.

The device is able to be removed when necessary by an adult or caregiver, and reused, repurposed or reinstalled as often as required without tools.

PLAN: Wairco will sell through Ecommerce on Amazon and Shopify. Later we'll open a wholesale channel to target major retailers in the US and Canada.

COMPETITION: Current GPS trackers for families include: GeoZilla, Jiobit, Verizon GizmoWatchand AngelSense. Weaknesses: Long-term contracts, high monthly fees, often not wearable, unreliable, not waterproof and poor battery life.

BUSINESS MODEL: With Apple's track record for excellence and brand advocacy, the launch of AirTag will take the concept of bluetooth tags mainstream, offering longer battery life, augmented reality and deep integration with Apple devices and the Find My App. Value will be built around the Wairco brand as a trusted and innovative ecommerce & wholesale company with family security at its core. We plan product expansion, to also cater to Android, after the launch of our Apple accessory. We are deep into product exploration having developed 90 prototypes. We are thinking forward to AR, medical use and athletics with anticipation that these tags will be used for much more than tracking possessions.

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