Vetnexus, LLC.

Raising $250k to fund Midwest SaaS launch with 2-3 Veterinarian Clinics

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Our proprietary technology has 40,000+ prospective subscribers in an underserved market (mom and pop Veterinarian clinics and hospitals).  Our value proposition is compelling: each subscribing clinic will be guaranteed to increase their profits by 30-50% within 36 months and the market valuation of their practice by a much as $500,000; with no financial Risk.   We market veterinarian formulated products and bring cutting edge pet nutritional data to the fingertips of practicing companion pet veterinarians, without the clinic touching a product or dealing with any customer support.  Our technology matches 200 pet breeds, life stage, gender and know maladies to products (food, treats, supplements) formulated to address each specific malady.  Our service component of our SaaS platform assembles/manufacturers each product and delivers them to the doorstep of the patient (dog or cat) within 72 hours, to same-day and 1 hour, in many markets.  As a vertically integrated company, we control our supply chain and shipping costs, enabling well above average gross profit margins and exponentially increasing recurring revenue streams. 

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