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Alaska wedding venue with more than $300,000 already in prebooked revenue and completed architectural planning looking for investors to complete.

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We are starting a wedding venue in Alaska that will be the first of its kind here.  We have done weddings at various locations/venues for more than 15 years and decided that none have completely provided what the bride and groom have wanted-they have all been lacking. So over the last few years we have developed plans to build our own. We approached a contractor last year and began the formal process of building. Our contractor has completed the plans  and then moved forward with and completed all of the permitting and paperwork and is ready to break ground. The total cost of the venue will be $1.7M. We have already invested $200,000+  into it. With our prebuild marketing we have already secured more than $300,000 worth of events with dozens more waiting for it to be built. It is a very low risk and high return project. Unfortunately the investors we had lined up had to back out mid project due to their funds freezing up with COVID so now we have couple expecting a venue for their weddings that we don’t have built.  We are still getting many daily inquiries to book and are excited for the success of the venue. We anticipate that the investment will be short term as the earning potential has already shown to be a quick turn around. I would love to send you a copy of our investment package and speak with you via zoom or other meeting platform to discuss the investment possibilities. Thank you for your consideration.

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