vCandidates, Inc dba turns job seekers into viable candidates.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn is the brainchild of former executive recruiter, LT Ladino Bryson, known to her clients and candidates as “The Employment Therapist™”, a moniker given to her based on her empathetic yet straightforward approach in working with candidates, recruiters, and employers. It is from her own job search journey and having to submitting over 200 resumes in 2010 that helped shaped our vision of LT decided to put the focus on the job search process from the candidates vantage point and not just the employers. It is the sum of her own ‘Slumdog Millionaire-like’ experiences that morphed our platform and services into what are today. is a SaaS career platform that uses the ease of technology to assist our subscribers with job search, career development and outplacement services. We help job seekers become viable candidates. Job seekers are able to create a profile with references, personality assessments, background check and receive career coaching with resume review and mock interview sessions from HR and recruiting professionals we like to call vCounselors. Our platform helps job seekers become more competitive in today’s highly competitive market. is an alternative solution that connects prescreened candidates with vetted recruiting professionals. It is a true end to end B2B/B2C SaaS career platform that completes the full employee lifecycle. Unlike other career outlets, marries the opportunity for job seekers to receive career development and coaching directly from a platform with the ability to be discovered by recruiters. 

We will be tackling the job search, career development and outsource industries and have created a platform with a high margin of profitability based on our subscriptions and the services we provide. Not only do we provide employers an offboarding resource that completes the employee lifecycle and helps their workforce transition easier with 90-day subscriptions that can be included into severance packages; but, we have a learning module that helps companies of all sizes with the creation of a sound offboarding process. This learning module will be sold on our website starting in Q2 2021 and we have been invited to be a content provider of SHRM (Society of Human Resources Managers) who will market the learning module to their 100K members in the US. At $99 for a 3-hour learning session, our target goal is to have a minimum of 5% signups in the first year and marketing our offboarding services to them directly. 

Our greatest victory continues to be the amazing team that have been working full-time for sweat equity and deferred salaries.  They are committed and are the driving force behind our venture. We have been listed as one of the Top 20 Tech companies in Phoenix in 2020 and named one of the Top Tech Startups in Tempe for 2020 and 2021. The pandemic poised a great challenge as with all of the layoffs, job seekers were stuck in their heads and unable to move their feet. It didn’t help that the job market was on hold too. 


Type: Convertible Note
Interest: 5%
Discount: 20%
Cap: $10M
Term: 2 years

Our top priority is to build out our sales team to secure enterprise customers and sell our offboarding subscriptions, which will help build our candidate database. We also are in need of launching our marketing/sales initiatives to garner exposure in the job marketplace, R&D to help update the subscribers experience and overall operation expenses. These funds will also help us close out our angel round.  We have dynamic strategic partners who have aligned themselves with our vision and committed to helping us build a world-class career platform. So much so, that we have secured an exclusive licensing deal with, Rezalu, an ATS-friendly digital resume building platform that will be integrated into our platform for a more streamlined user resume building experience. We have the ability to purchase Rezalu as a marketing tool; aiding us in building a lead source to upsell our services. is a minority woman owned tech startup that started as a LLC in 2017 but became a Delaware corporation in 2019. We are based our of Tempe Arizona and our shareholders with the majority share include a diverse group of women who are Afro-Latina, Native American, Asian, and Caucasian. 

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