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Raising 500K to Automate production of Permanent Roof system. This Hybrid product combines beauty & strength, with patent application in process VanGalee More than just a roof!.

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Business plan  VanGalee Manufacturing inc. 
Produces VanGalee FirstShake & FirstSlate. 

Note: vanderleek Roofing Inc has provided funding as well as R&D and holds the pending patent application with Palmer IP as well as trademark applications etc.. 
vanderleek Roofing inc is owned solely by Gary van der Leek. 
VanGalee manufacturing is owned by garyvanderleek and Lisa Zimmerman 50-50

First Drafted 2 April 2021. 
Updated January 2023 (unedited)
Fully updated business plan is available upon request



Mission vision and purpose. 

The mission of  VanGalee FirstShake and FirstSlate is to help revolutionize the roofing industry towards permanent roofing solutions.

The vision encompasses several aspects. 
Firstly is to create a beautiful product which is fitting for the residential Client. A product which supersedes existing metal panel type Products which for the most part appear to be industrial or commercial looking. 
Second is to create a product that is basic and easy to install similar to existing installation techniques used for shake or slate installations. This will allow companies who are set up to install cedar shakes or metal roofing systems to use existing crews without much additional training, to partner with VanGalee directly without a distribution middleman. 
Third, establish 10 factory locations in Canada which would then be able to partner with 30 to 50 roofing and or exterior contractors. 
Fourth Outside of Canada/USA Europe set up licensing agreements & sell machinery to those same individuals or companies. 

Our purpose Is to create a triple win one, provide long-term value to the end-user/home owner. 
Two, help roofing contractors to be successful and profitable. 
Three to create a profitable long-term business opportunity to individuals and companies interested in investing in our new Roofing Products. 
Forth, to positively affect the environment by using materials that are fully recyclable and also have a long life cycle there by reducing greenhouse gases and energy consumption in general. 


Target markets for VanGalee FirstShake 

Roofing Contractors who are currently installing high end roofing products such as but not limited to Sheet Metal cedar shake  synthetic and composite roofing products. 

Residential homeowners as well as commercial building owners with sloped roofs On buildings that require architectural style that differs from conventional standing seam applications. 

Building contractors that have been limited to specific product specifications in community building projects that require the look of cedar shake or slate/high end roofing products rather than cheap looking asphalt roofing shingles. 
There is a wide ranging Demographic that is now considering metal roofing as an alternative to what are in comparison considered to be a disposable & or short term roof systems. 
There are A number of factors which are influencing this change in market behavior

The market has interest in the following benefits that our product has to offer. 
Long term savings on heating /cooling costs, & *Insurance savings. 
Better protection to the building / or
Environmentally friendly
return on investment
Improved look. 
*The insurance policy on my home located in Calgary at 115 Valley Creek Crescent went down $600 per year after the installation of the new roofing system. 


What would be considered a competition would be the manufactures of other metal type shakes,  or slate looking Products, such as: 
Interlock metal roofing AB (Manufacture and installer combination)
Vic West
Jays Metals
Metalworks Canada
Tie met 
Forma steel

Manufactures producing synthetic or Composite Products that look like shake or slate, such as 
Da Vinci 
Gem / Euro shield

The competitions strengths:

  • Products are readily available through established supply chains. 

  • Products are industry recognized. 

  • Some of the products are less expensive. 

Current competitor weakness. 

  • difficult & time required to install
  • Gem euroshiled smells  in warm temperatures/made from recycled rubber. 
  • Products lock together making it difficult for repair
  • Specialty tools required
  • Reflective but no thermal resistance. 
  • No sound proofing quality
  • Some do not look as good
  • Some of the synthetics  are Heavy, difficult to install some structures cannot handle the weight. 
  • Poor distribution control, individuals or companies installing product not qualified resulting in issues with roofs 
  • Some of the products require solid sheeting for installation, additional cost material and labor. 
Differences in we have to offer compared to the competition are as follows. 

Superior looking product 
None of the competitions products that appear to look like slate or shake I have an EPS filler which gives additional thermal resistance into and out of the roof system. 

Optional installation for high wind or storm areas two give greater rating on wind warranty. 

The easier installation is made possible due to the fact that each individual piece is similar in dimension and shape to an actual piece of cedar shake. Each piece is installed individually and does not lock in place as most of the products being offered in the metal lines do. The competition sells this as a benefit feature but makes installation difficult and repair difficult as well. 

Installation can be done with Air nail gun screw gun or by hammer. 
Because each individual piece it’s only 11 1/2 inches wide there is less wasted material used saving dollars. 
Unlike some of the competition a fully sheeted roof deck is not required. 


The manufacturing processing will be assisted by 3 to 5 universal robots to limit staffing requirements to two people. 
Staff training will take place at factory, reliable trustworthy individuals will be sourced by HR manager Lesa Zimmerman.
Criteria for staffing. 
Able to lift 50 pounds. 
Forklift operators Ticket. 
Critical thinking capabilities. 
Background check required. 
Skilled and experienced in factory work. 
Wage range between 22 and $28 per hour. 
Two people per shift Lead hand and assistant. 
Two Eight hour shifts. Morning shift 6am-2:30 afternoon shift 2pm 10:30 pm. 
Shift rotation every two weeks. 


Vortool equipment specialist / tool & die maker. Zoltan at Vortool  is working with Gary van der Leek to produce custom automated fabrication equipment, coordination consulting of other integral equipment & programming software. 
Cascadia metals is the supplier for the Prepainted sheet metal that will be used to form the sheet metal blank. 
Beaver plastics & Plastifab are the suppliers of the EPS / expanded polystyrene. 

Whole sale suppliers for resale goods  , ( underlay / peal & stick roofing felt, Nails, calking, roof vents to roofing contractors still to be established. 
Delivery/ shipping services provided by Chariot Express & Sandhill Crane. 
Garry Snow productions, to produce Addvertising videos, & help facilitate other, such as print & on line. 


Layne Clark will be  heading up 
Marketing & sales.
Existing website to be rebuilt to reflect high Quality value of product.
The  print / content & Video production will be split into two separate campaigns. The first will be to the end user / the home or building owner. The second will be geared to the roofing contractor/ business owner. 
Garry Snow has been contracted to produce slow motion videos to educate the potential client(s) for the two campaigns. 
Website design & sales platform is being headed up by Lesa Zimmerman & Layne Clark heading up on line marketing 
Website will have several portals of access, general public,  certified contractors, architects & engineers. 

Initially marketing will be geared to home Owners in a direct mail drop campaign coupled with Radio & on line Addvertising campaigns through google advertising & Face book, & LinkedIn Vanderleek roofing inc will handle initial installations the pictures & video taken during these installations will be used in the gallery of the web site to help build potential client confidence. Initial certified installation companies, Rockyview Roofing, Active Exteriors, Ridgeview Roofing.  Written testimonials & video will also be added to the web site during these initial sales & installations. 
. During these installations additional video will be shot focused on ease & speed of installation along with technics used during installation. Helping the contractors to see & recognize the value of working with the product & the earning potential, towards establishing a contractor network of partners. 
Additional technical marketing information to be developed by Gary van der Leek & prepared for Architects engineering & building specifiers. Lunch and learn seminars to be offered to architectural firms specifiers, etc..

Owners :
Gary van der Leek 
Lesa Zimmerman. 

Director of Operations 
Lesa Zimmerman 
Marketing & sales manager 
2 Warehouse production & shipping Forman
Warehouse production worker 
All incoming calls will initially be funneled through operations manager. 
Incoming calls from Residetial clients to be handled by Sales & marketing 

Website Order platform will be used to place orders by certified contractors who will be given access codes 

Warehouse workers to process the order, lead hand will be responsible for communication with sales manager, in the fulfillment of the Order / production & shipping. 


816 Sqft or 949 pieces produced daily & sold to break even. 

At full capacity of 16 hrs operation daily for 250 days annual production is projected to be 2million Sqft. For a net profit of 2million dollars. 

16 sept 2022 updated costing 

Coil per p. 2.104 lb X $2.00= $4.30
EPS Filler per piece0.90= $$0.90
Adhesive eps to met 0.04=$0.04
Packaging ..........................$0.15
Machinery cost per piece $0.10
Total cost per piece, $ 5.40
Currant Opperations additional labour of .50 per piece. 
For currant cost of 6.00per piece or a total cost per square foot $7.00

30%Gross profit $2.10 per Sqft 
Minimum Sell price $9.10per sq ft. 
Sell at 10 per Sqft less contractor discounts & promotions. 

 NOTE: pricing is similar to synthetic products on the market which do not include the added value of EPS filler or the heavier gauge metal. 

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