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Clinical Research Laboratory seeking round equity 2 injection for growth and cash flow security

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VCS is a custom developed Clinical Research Laboratory established in 2018.  We have 10,000 square feet of modern lab space in the Glenpointe Center in Teaneck, NJ and our business is FDA Registered and Inspected.  Our website is, we have a team of 15 well rounded clinical and managerial staff with well over 100 years of combined experience, and we have established CDAs and contractual relationships with numerous fortune 500 and multinational firms.

We're running a phase 2 funding program because we officially launched and moved into our space in 2019, and we exhausted our capital reserves staying alive in 2020.  We have survived COVID with the help of EIDL and PPP support, along with our reserve funds, and now we'd like to rebuild the reserve so we're not biting our nails.  Cashflow is established and we have a diverse set of clientele, but we are most certainly in a "cash squeeze" at the moment.  We will also be seeking additional traditional lending support for an operating capital reserve, however in the current environment this is a lengthy process.

VCS is an LLC, and is open to silent partnership/investment as well as advisory level positions for interested parties.  We would love to have a fresh and motivated member join our team, and if you've ever been interested in skincare, cosmetics, clinical testing, before and after photography, or why the heck that one particular anti-aging cream is selling for $150+ an ounce than please feel free to reach out.  A grand total of approximately a 10% equity share is available, but can be broken up into smaller allotments.

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