Valentine Stay

To continue a tradition of great hospitality for equestrian regulars and other travelers between Rochester/Mayo and Minneapolis/St Paul, MN USA & help a CA hotel venture.

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A sweet well-maintained family-owned motel for sale on a busy highway between Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN and Rochester, MN with plenty of adjacent vacant land available for development needs a new owner. The motel has steady clientele from the horse arena nearby that is used by many equestrians from around the upper midwest.  Asking price for motel is $600K, land is $200K.  I believe the land is between 3-5 acres. The owner also has a hobby farm about a mile away possibly for sale as well.

Also a hotel venture in California with a partner awaits if a modest amount of $50000-100000 is invested.

Thank you for considering these opportunities. I look forward to hearing from those interested in helping make these dreams come true.


Susan M. Ryan


Jesus' Peace! +

Valentine Stay coordinator

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