Upscale Projects Ltd

Raising $3mil to build 6-plex condo with a 14 phase total project.

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Hi there we here at Upscale Projects Ltd are looking for funding to build 6-plex condos with a total of 14 phases for a total project for rent /sell or lease. Founder/Owner Lee Van Damme and myself  Landen Van Damme  - Executive Vice President  have been in the construction business of combined 25years from little renovation projects to full construction from the ground up.  

We are asking for this funding for starting the first 2-3 phases of this project which would entail marketing, training, equipment, more stuff, office space, project construction, purchasing development property to accommodate the project, we have our eyes on a couple in and around the Winnipeg Manitoba area. 

We are big on building greener Eco-friendly in every build we do, with a local company (GS) using ICE insulated panel walls we have a superior consistent r-value which will cut down on build time and materials used to compete the project. With the market of the material this year alone this is the best time to look into other ways to build smarter. 
If you are interested in working with us we can go more in detail of the overall project, drawings, 3D views of the buildings and more 
thank you for taking the time a reading this i hope we can work together very soon.

Break down of construction cost and rental:

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