Upgrade living outdoors

Because there is always someone out there in need to work or to just have heat or clothes too

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I resale and tear down mobile homes and RVs...anything good out of them we refurnish and repaint....Been working construction since 1996 ...now wanting to do it for myself to help ours out in need...Its just that some of these homes I have been in they leave stuff behind with your help every home i take down for the most part have furnishings and ferniest and A/C units in light of that..We may only 12 or 15 instock if the city or county ask me for one that's why I got into this game...So that when the company grows into the next following years that old can be rebuild with the newest camping gear and that looks state of art...on tied budgets...We have the man power over here just not the tools...hopefully I hear from the county on the sewer system today really like to see a 150x120x80 for office space.. warehouse space and a shop that we can remodel in and break down the old RVs that come in.. Between the online shipping and the onsite trash roll offs ,trailers sales, outside storage, rent from the mobile home lots, Not asking for me just for the ones asking, Just let the bonuses checks pay the bills...My mom is a check and bounce person....

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