UnitedStrong, Inc.

Raising 3-5 Mil to buy land and build facility for homeless LGBTQ youth and other youth in the Las Vegas Market. Funds will also be used for beginning operating payroll budget.

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Brand new Non-Profit in Henderson/Las vegas. This would be the first transitional skills facility/youth homeless shelter that is LGBTQ centered. Website is www.unitedstronglv.com. We are looking for grant funding, donors, etc to help get phase 1 built that will house 30-50 youth.   I have been in the hospitality, restaurant industry for 20 some years.  I have managed teenagers for most of those years.   The astonishing find is the amount of teenagers today that couch surf with friends because they lack a place to live.  Las Vegas is currently has one of the largest population of homeless youth in the country and LGBTQ youth represent 42%.   
Las Vegas does have several shelters around the city, but there isn't one that is committed to do what myself and my team are going to deliver.  I have worked hard my whole life in a search for doing something that serves a greater purpose.  I was raised to find ways to give back.  I can't think of a greater purpose than helping the youth that are struggling,   I hope I am able to find those that can help my Non-Profit reach its goal.  The youth here in Vegas need our help.  

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