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App Developing Tech Startup- "Linkedin for the Working Class"- Seeking Investor(s) for Funding

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Union Seed is a mobile/web application that provides similar protections as a labor union. The app is designed to organize the working class and provide progressive job placement.

PROBLEM WE SOLVE: Crucial industries that could help the world need talent. Monopolies that are responsible for most of the climate change wouldn't be successful without the labor of their workforce and talent. Union Seed would like to shift workers and talent into more progressive impact companies.

There are a lot of federal contracts for companies that help transition the workforce into green jobs from a social justice perspective.
Recruiters make money from employers to find talent and employee's
Subscription based service with more organizing tools, automations, crowdfunding opportunities, and access.

Union Seeds brand is to ensure all jobs on the application provide a livable wage, healthcare, growth, opportunities for equity, and profit share no matter experience.

There is a massive wealth gap and wage disparity which correlates directly with the decline of organizing and unions over the last 60 years (see pitch deck for reference). The current generation is starting to retire and will need to liquidate their assets. Businesses and real estate owned by the retiring generation could likely transfer into the hands private investors, hedge funds, and banks. Reverse mortgages are a great example.  Shifting industries of labor into a co-op, esop, dao, or worker owned entities provides a much needed checks and balances for equity, wages that keep up with inflation, less corruption, etc.  In addition, labor unions have a heavy impact on elections in states where voter suppression, poverty, gerrymandering, and a rollback of human rights are prevalent. Corporations continue to fund organizations and political campaigns that repeal fundamental human rights and protections without any accountability to the employees who work for them.
SOURCE 1: White House Labor Task Force Report    SOURCE 2: Teamsters and Civil Rights


  • Worker Protections: Workers will have representation through Union Seed. We filter out jobs that are low paying, have safety concerns, or if the company itself poses a threat to planet earth or democracy. Recruiters and union seed employees post jobs on behalf of progressive companies.

  • Automations for Unionizing or Organizing: Vote on key issues, demands to the employer, leadership changes, etc using our anonymous ledger. Workers can organize using subscribed automations and when they pay a premium can access crowdfunding resources.

  • Anonymous Optional Encryption: Your information is always protected and safe from prying employer eyes. Users can quietly look for better offers with progressive companies through recruiter services. Finally, all users are verified to ensure you know who you are talking to.

  • Company Accountability: Any job posting will list a company ranking score based on the most important factors weighted by workers. Company scoring is comprised of 5 factors; lobbying, environment, workers vote, diversity, ethics using a color score. Data is comprised of  peer reviewed reports, AI, and rankings from employee's. The goal is to direct workers and talent towards companies who have a higher standard of corporate responsibility.
CURRENT STAGE: (Links are underlined in the information below)


 Most of our competitors created their products from the perspective of traditional labor organizing operating procedures. The process of organizing a union under these traditional methods rarely aligns with the flexibility and needs of the current generation of workers. These companies offer a project management tool that does not provide much exposure to Unions or user engagement. Finally, most of the products are limited in features or demographics they can serve and are not available on the app store (except linkedin).

Competitors: Labor Dao, Unit, Frank, Coworker, Unionbase, www.UnionJobs.com, Scouted, LinkedIn, . 


  • Jordan Fisher - Founder
 Specialties: Business Strategy, Finance, Political Science, Union Organizing, Mortgage Lending, Real Estate, Politics, Social Justice

  • Gurchetan Singh 
Specialties: Security, Web Development, UI/UX, Data Collection, economics, finance

  • Raya Scott 
Specialties Community Engagement Coordinator & Social Media Manager for diversity equity and inclusion

  • Veronica Velez
 Specialties include recent Law Graduate, grant writing, management, multilingual, skilled in regulatory documents, consultant

  • Dione Sibley
Specialties: 28 years of college teaching experience, grant writer, researcher, analyst, consultant

  • Yashwanth Kotha 
 Specialties: Blockchain, Machine learning, programming, web dev, data, UI/UX


Amount needed to finish BETA version with small marketing budget: $50k
Book Launch: $10k
  • Brand/Marketing/Lead Gen | $440k
  • Cyber Security Updates | $180k
  • Salaries (Employees & Legal Team) | $550k
  • Research/ Recruiting | $200k
  • Learning Center, Marketplace, and Certifications | $250k
  • Secure and Private Server System | $80k
  • UI/UX, App & Web Design  | $200k
  • Administration expenses | $100k

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