Tybee Market IGA

Asking for down payment money to purchase a well established island grocery IGA that is turning $12m gross this year!

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Purchasing an island grocery store.  11,000 sq ft.  On track to turn over $12m in gross sales in 2022.  Closest competition is 12 miles away.  This is the only grocery on Tybee Island.  Est 1934.  New building in 1994.  Down payment money is needed for purchase.  Established management and operations team is in place.  Inventory is included in the sale which means profit turns on day one.  60% of the island is short term rental which stays booked just shy of year round.  Avg.  housing cost if 650k-1.5m.  I am a Police Lieutenant with 24 years on the job with a metro Atlanta department.    My wife is a 21 year police officer who last year retired and moved to the DA's office for a victim advocacy position.  We are looking to move to Tybee Island to raise our 8 & 9 year old daughters.  Using our incredible work ethic, management and leadership skills we will continue to operate the store while making the improvements needed to increase profits, customer service and employee retention.

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