TRION Battery Technologies

Pre IPO round to advance and commercialize our materials, and in combination with our electrolytes, deliver products to our commercially targeted customers - (under NDA)

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TRION Battery Technologies Inc. (“TRION”) is an advanced lithium-ion battery materials company that has proprietary methodologies to increase energy density storage capacity in lithium-ion batteries. TRION’s technology is protected by 14 patents and multiple trade secrets. Although batteries are comprised of only 3 main components; an anode, a cathode and the electrolyte, that moves the lithium ions back and forth between the anode and the cathode during use, batteries are extremely complex. Over the past 30 years literally billions and billions of dollars have been spent on R&D to increase their performance.  

TRION has engineered a way to solve performance issues and deliver a step-change improvement to how batteries operate. As a drop-in solution for the 254 GIGA battery plants in production, or coming on-line, TRION’s proprietary, made in America, silicon modified graphite (SiMoGraphTM) and electrolytes can be substituted for currently used materials without having to change out legacy equipment.

TRION’s advanced materials provide significant increases in energy density storage capacity. TRION’s materials can be integrated into multiple different battery applications including: - Smart phones, laptops, tablets, GPS and other consumer electronic devices - eScooters, eBikes, Drones, Ready-To-Run Remote Controlled (RC) Hobby Market, Wearables - Power Tools and Medical Devices - Grid Storage, Telcom Tower Backup - Electric Vehicles.

Speed to Market - TRION is in a unique position to quickly commercialize the Company’s high-capacity anode and electrolyte materials. TRION’s collaboration partner’ Coulometrics is ramping up to be able to deliver in Q2 2022 large quantities of anode powders and optimized electrolytes, along with full cell cylindrical lithium-ion batteries to OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) so that they can do their own validation of TRION’s battery materials. 

TRION’s materials are truly a Drop-in solution that will accelerate adoption - and our Team are Best in Class in the battery space, and have demonstrable acumen in building successful, high growth companies.

Data Room and full details available upon NDA and qualification. 

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