Trio Beauty

Explosive Growth Beauty Company Needing To Widen SKU’s

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Looking for 2-3 million.
We are a fast growing beauty business focused on making beauty routines simple.
Founded in November 2020 the company has experienced 200% YoY growth and has been featured in Forbes, Marie Claire, Allure, etc.
Brand also won a 2021 Allure Best of Beauty Award. Brand is seeking incremental funding to broaden SKUs and enter retail.
Founded previously built one of the biggest permanent makeup practices in Southern California which allowed her to have unique insight into what women found frustrating about the makeup industry. This led her to found an industry first beauty company that was exclusively focused on eyebrow products.
The market responded with vigor and soon it
was clear that her identification of a void in the market was correct. Building on the momentum established in the eyebrow category the brand is now expanding into eyes, lips, and skin.
Additionally, the brand is in active discussions with multiple big box retailers. With a two year foundation built on direct to consumer sales the brand is now ready to diversify channels and broaden product categories.
The brand has identified a unique market fit by developing products that are curated and simplified makeup products while also using elevated formulas that don't sacrifice quality.

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