Tribaverse Music, Arts and Culture Festival

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Tribaverse is an Afrobeat festival that seeks to create environmental awareness and solve climate change issues by exhibiting the richness and diversity of African culture. A great place to enjoy performances inspired by a unifying theme to promote and showcase the different genres of African music and celebrate the traditions that shape our communities. The festival aims to engage interested stakeholders to facilitate innovative and sustainable environmental solutions to protect our environment for future generations. Our primary objective is to leverage the power of Afrobeat to foster sustainable development of climate-resilient communities. We have clearly defined pathways to positively impact society in the following thematic areas. Water: Raising awareness of freshwater pollution and supporting portable water projects in deprived communities. Waste: Funding a recycling project in a Peri-urban community that serves as a research center for young entrepreneurs. Energy: Raise awareness of indoor air pollution and provides solar lanterns and home systems to off-grid remote communities. Ecology: Highlight the implications of deforestation and planting trees.

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