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Launching July 1st - Bootstrapped - Team in place - Ready to go!

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Manage Time, Team and Safety Liabilities. A new Technology that will redefine workplace safety and team management.

“Hi! My name is Patrick Mimeault,
I am the founder and managing director of Trade Specifix Digital Media Corporation.
In the past 30 years I have worked primarily in construction and taken on many different roles. As labourer, tradesman, senior manager and business owner, I have experienced many success stories, but I have also noticed important weaknesses in many workplace procedures. A lack of safety awareness and inefficient work flow management leading to both hazardous working environments and financial losses.
I soon realized that in order to achieve this, I had to create my own solution. The result is a mobile application and web application that helps employers and workers manage their time, their workplace and their safety responsibilities. This new management tool provides users with efficient business processes which improve profitability and efficiency while making sure to educate workers and employers of their tasks and safety responsibilities.
Features offered by Tradespecifix are: 
1) Daily Safety Meetings, also weekly Toolbox meeting and daily task sheet (meets provincial laws). 
2) Paperless Time Sheet (cost accounting possibilities). 
3) Geo Location technology for data for accurate time management. 
4) Education to workers by deploying daily safety resources and information.
5) Project Costing, Scheduling, Task assignment and Communication all in App.
6) Communicate, approve and monitor activities. 

Summary of Progress:

2018: market research and Product development Blue print. 

2019: Product development
2019: Creation of trade Specifix Digital media Corp. (2 Workers) 

·         Patrick Mimeault: Managing Director
·         Pierre-Paul Lefebvre: App Developer - Contractor

2019: Launch of a PWA App for site testing of the geo Location system and to test user behavior.
2019: Beta Version Revenue Generated to help the completion of the Tradespecifix development.
2019: CRA SR&ED audit resulting in Canadian Government endorsing the product for research and Technology. $58,000 Received in Taxes from SR&ED research. 
2019: Trademark application pending approval
2019: Total Investment $150,000

2020: 04-01-21 to 03-31-21
2020: Acquisition of Tradepros Inc. A mobile application lead generating to be merged to tradespecifix for members benefits. (100% Acquisition) 
2020: CRA SR&ED audit resulting in increased endorsement from the Canadian Government as a new technological advancement product. 
2020: Tradespecifix app was redesigned with a new development system more accurate and faster for better user experience and also longevity of development. The geo Fence development was also modified. 
2020: Project management Services was created for revenue source and also to assess the needs of potential clients. 
2020: Increased sales while on Beta version and employment of (7 workers) 

·         Patrick Mimeault: Managing Director | Architectural Technician | College Instructor 
·         Diego Ramirez: App Developer | BA Computer science.
·         Sharan Sudhir: App Developer | Master’s degree Computer science.
·         Guy Daigle: Technological / Market research | BA Finance
·         Jessica Makeiff: Graphic Designer
·         Erfan Mahjour: UX Engineer
·         Pierre-Paul Lefebvre: App Developer 

2021: Launch to Market 
2021: Launch of Tradespecifix to market

·         June 10; deployment of the mobile application to Google and Apple stores. 
·         July 1; deployment of the web application managers dashboard.
·         July 1; New updated website launch.
·         June 2020: Over 200 users on the applications. 
·         June 2020: Over 26,000 shortlist potential client list developed. (each client average 100 users) 
·         June 2020: $0 debt and retained 100% shares, no partners or investors were required as I bootstrapped the entire development of the product with the revenue Generated by my Construction company, the taxes grants and revenue from the Beta product. 

I am seeking Pre-Series A or Series A investment to be able to work full time on the product sales and development to the marketplace. Seeking one year cost or more to accelerate the sales process: $350,000 - $1,000,000 (Angel Investors and or group ) 
I have a solid staff to run my Construction company ($2,2Million sales per annum) and will be solely focused on sales for the digital product in 2021. with investment money.
The investment money will go toward wages and for travel to different regions meeting large clients to onboard them to our product and also the ongoing development of the product.
The product is at phase 2 and we do have 10 phases planned in our management plan so that we can continuously grow and increase revenue.  
The Goal is to get 10% of the Canadian market in the first two years.
Targeting: General Contractors, Trades and specialist in construction.  I have 20 years business in Construction.  
170,000 users (10% 1,700,000 Canada market) Subscription based assuming they will spend the minimum fee of $34.99 / Month (Target sales per Month $87.50 per users) 
We will generate $5,948,300 in revenue with a net profit over 60%.
The Goal is to enter the US market following Canadian Market and Grow internationally to Australia, New Zealand and Europe. 
I will be involved 100% with the development of this product.
My Goal is to give returns on investment within 9Months.  

Thank you for your time and opportunity to be working with you.
 I look forward on having you on board with this new Venture,
 Kind Regards,
 Patrick Mimeault
 Managing Director
 Trade Specifix Digital Media Corp.
 [email protected]

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