Town Pickleball

Raising $300,000 in order to create one of the first dedicated pickleball facilities in the northeast.

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Town Pickleball is a racquets facility providing the highest quality service from nationally recognized certified professionals. We primarily offer pickleball but also have ping pong at our facility. Services include private lessons, group lessons, league play, tournaments, social events and parties for all ages and abilities. 

Mission Statement: To provide the highest quality services to our clients making us the premier indoor pickleball facility in the area. 

Principal Members
Robert Ferrante - Owner, founder and CEO
Ryan Celestine - COO
Chris Sanmartin - Head Pro

Legal Structure: Town Pickleball is an LLC based out of Yorktown Heights, NY.

Location : Cortlandt Town Center, 3099 E Main St, Mohegan Lake, NY 10547. This location is 14,892 sq feet and costs $24.40 per sq foot. This includes common area fees, lease and taxes. The commencement date of the lease will be February 1, 2023. This will be a modified gross lease and will be a 5 year lease with a 5 year option. Additional fees will include Electricity read by a sub meter and paid monthly as well as garbage fees. Rent will begin 180 days after the Lease Commencement on July 1, 202 . The location will be delivered completely cleared out of previous tenants equipment, entire space broom cleaned, updated/cleaned lighting, matt/tile/carpet flooring will be removed, column shell coverings will be removed if not fire rated and hvac in working order. The landlord will also take down the existing wall and raise ceilings to maximum height. 

Pickleball Professionals must be certified in order to work at this location. Professionals will be compensated $40 per hour while on court and $25 per hour for admin/leagues/events off court. Front Desk Staff/Pro Shop Staff will be compensated $20 per hour.

Company description

Our company will be the premier racquets facility in Westchester County. Town Pickleball will take control of the ever growing pickleball community within Westchester County. No one facility has proven large or worthy enough to grasp control of local players but we will accomplish this. We will serve people of all ages and abilities. Town Pickleball will offer programming such as level based clinics, level based supervised open play, level based league play, private lessons, semi-private lessons, seasonal court rentals, open court rentals, tournaments, social events, birthday parties and corporate events. Town Pickleball consists of seven pickleball courts, a front desk, two restrooms, two changing rooms, three ping pong tables, a pro shop, a pickleball wall, a cafe/bar and a lounge/viewing area. 

I am the current Director of Racquets at the Westchester Tennis Center. I have worked at many racquets facilities, created innovative programming, have a proven track record of success growing business and have built a network of industry leading professionals. We will have the best certified racquets professionals starting with myself and Ryan Celestine. Ryan C. is also a decorated racquets professional. He has worked at many premier clubs in Westchester County and is the current Director of Tennis at Shenorock Shore Club and the Harrison High School Varsity Coach. Ryan C. and myself have worked together for over 6 years and are a well proven team in Westchester County.. We are a team that has progressed through every stage of life and career. 

My sister and I are the two most decorated tennis players in Yorktown High School history and two of the most accomplished tennis players in Section One history. Our family name carries weight in the racquets community in this section of the country (Eastern Section of USTA). Even though I am only six months into my pickleball career, I have won gold in three USA Pickleball Events, become a 5.0 rated player on my way to playing professionally, have earned a Professional rating from PPR and have created a  network with players of all levels at Granite Knolls, Croton Ave, Bedford Town Park, and Loughlin Ave in Greenwich. These are all the primary locations and hubs for pickleball in the Tri-State Area, With these connections we will have an immediate base of clients.

We have coordinated partnerships with ROKNE Pickleball, Pickleroll,, Diadem, and Sports Barn. 
ROKNE is a family-owned pickleball brand inspired by the unparalleled enthusiasm and love for the world's fastest growing sport. ROKNE is dedicated to providing the pickleball community with high quality products that combine cutting-edge technology with clean, sleek and vibrant designs. 
PickleRoll evolved from a growing need for pickleball courts across the United States. As Pickleball became more and more popular, the owners were traveling all over the United States, converting existing spaces into playable, professional pickleball courts for tournaments. They certainly still do this, but as they traveled and made installations, they had the idea for a portable, reusable pickleball court that could be stored easily. After research and development, they created PickleRoll, a roll out pickleball court that can convert any flat space into a playable pickleball court. Pickleroll is perfect for gymnasiums, or basketball courts, making the space ideal for play. When finished, the pickleball court can be rolled back up and stored for later use. It is also easy to move or transport to a different location.
Paddlepro specializes in Sporting goods equipment for all paddle sports including Pickleball, Platform Tennis, Paddleball, Padel, Paddle Tennis, POP Tennis and Beach Tennis. Since 2001, has been recognized as an industry leader in paddle sports. Their knowledge, expertise, vast inventory, and service cater to these niche paddle sports.
Diadem was founded in 2015 with a single goal in mind - develop the most innovative, high-quality tennis & pickle ball products in the world to help players maximize their performance. They found that the tennis & pickleball industry had become stagnant, with very few brands that were challenging the status quo. With a team made up of former collegiate and professional players and coaches, Diadem set out to develop new and exciting products that catered to players of all levels looking to elevate their game. As the last American tennis brand, ALL of their products are designed and developed in their global headquarters located in the heart of the hottest sports market in the country - Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Sports Barn has been family owned since 1978. Ski & Snowboard shop as well as Lacrosse, Football, Soccer, Disc Golf, Field Hockey, Baseball, Custom Apparel. With their heat press and embroidery services, you can add unique touches of design and style to any apparel, from t-shirts to string bags. Go to Sports Barn Ski & Sport to customize your t-shirts and other apparel with designs that are unique to you or your team. Their customers continue to come for custom apparel because they always deliver with attractive designs and high-quality, eye-catching work. Whether you want to add designs to a single hoodie or outfit your entire team with matching designs, they would be happy to assist you. When it comes to apparel customization, they do it all. There is no limit to what they can print or embroider for you and the design possibilities are endless. If you want to turn your ordinary apparel into something that is unique to you, let their design team bring you the creativity and style that you are looking for. They embroider or heat-press vinyl lettering on all types of apparel.
We will use RacquetDesk as our software company. RacquetDesk, formerly 10sPortal, was formed in 2007 by Alberto Genty. The RacquetDesk team boasts a wealth of experience in software, management, and racquet sports. RACQUETDESK FEATURES: Send electronic account statements to members, Manage revenue with an integrated point-of-sale system, Provide self-serve court reservations online, in real time, Generate payroll reports for staff and pros, Manage private, semi private, event, and group lessons, Match players with similar abilities, Manage memberships and employees, Track attendance and manage programs, Analyze data for critical decision-making with comprehensive reporting tools, Manage Pro Shops with minimal effort, Send internal communications, Manage singles and teams, Share an easy-to-manage club management portal. This service will cost $249/per month plus a one time setup fee.
Marketing and sales

Town Pickleball is already cultivating an online presence through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Linked In. We have also hired Tailored Logo who has begun marketing for us by means of these social media platforms. Tailored Logo is also developing our website in which these platforms will be linked. Tailored Logo is essentially an institution where simple ideas are converted into brilliant and passionate products. Professional custom logo design to get a professionally designed logo for your business along with proper ownership which can be used on all social media accounts and even business websites. Facilitating ahead, there is CMS (Content Management System) Website which is ideal in featuring and branding your business. It has some remarkable features which help your Website to appear professional and gives it a corporate look. You also get the option of editing the content yourself and the website is also responsive on every single electronic device.

Our decorated staff all have their own followings, and loyal clientele who have been working together for decades. These relationships will help jumpstart our business the day we open the doors to our facility. We have guaranteed business, affluent clients dedicated to our staff and racquet sports, and deep rooted connections to the immediate area that our CEO has called home for over 21 years. 

All lessons will be booked through the front desk of the club by phone or email. Pros will not book lessons themselves but may email the desk with the client copied so that everything is in writing. Clients may book by calling or emailing and pro requests will be taken into account. One month before the start of a new season our staff will begin the renewal period. For two weeks current clients who are enrolled in a program will have the first opportunity to register for the upcoming season. The following two weeks will be opened up to the public for registration. When registering for a program, clients must either fill out the registration form online, print a copy and mail it in, or fill out a copy in person. Once a completed registration is received, a team member will call to review, finalize and set up payment options. This personalized approach allows us to connect with our clientele, form relationships not just on court and is an extra check verifying the clients needs. This also allows us to be flexible and offer payment plans if a client requests. Drop In requests will be fielded by the front desk and approved by the Director of Racquets. Once approved the player will be placed into the court sheets and charged. Drop Ins must contact the front desk more than 24 hours in advance. A weekly reminder email stating what is happening at the club will go out every Monday and Thursday in order to cover all possible drop in clinics so we can capture the most possible players. Point Play will be Drop In only and have a cap of players. Players will be able to reserve their spot weekly and must be confirmed/paid more than 24 hours in advance. Open Play will be unsupervised and has no cap on players. Players will pay at the front desk when they arrive. In house Pickleball Leagues will also run on the season schedules and will be handled in the same manner as programs. Outside Leagues may run on a separate schedule and there will be a registration period dictated by the league coordinators. Special Events will have their own registration deadlines and must be paid in full 24 hours in advance of the event. Special Events will be billed by the front desk of the club. All of these services will be marketed within the club with physical postings as well as an area designated to flyers and registration forms. These services will also be marketed on our website and our linked social media platforms. and ROKNE Pickleball will both be providing inventory at wholesale. All inventory in our pro shop will be purchased at wholesale and marked up with a 35-40% margin. This amount is normal for all pro shops and retailers in the area,  Due to this the pro shop will be a significant source of income for Town Pickleball. We will provide clothing for men, women and children. We will also provide sneakers, accessories, headwear, pickleballs and paddles. Our paddles will be primarily ROKNE but will consist of different models at different price points. We will also sell Diadem paddles. The Franklin X-40 ball is the chosen ball for the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) and the Association of Professional Pickleball (APP). This will be our ball of choice for our facility.     

Funding request

Town Pickleball is looking for $300,000 in order to get ourselves up and running. We may be interested in taking on investors but would prefer not to give up equity in the business, but this is negotiable. We will need capital in order to pay for our start up, marketing and hiring employees. Town Pickleball LLC, our domain, website design, logo/brand creation, trademark, marketing and social media has been paid for. Remaining start up costs will be for our software, PickleRoll courts,  business insurance, hiring front desk workers, hiring pickleball professionals, 3 Ping Pong Tables, CPA/Lawyer Fees, dividers between courts, Town Pickleball merchandise, garbage service, ball inventory annually, pickleball nets and electricity. 

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