Top Dog Training LLC

Raising $1 million for Nassau County based positive-method dog boarding and training facility

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Top Dog Training LLC is currently operating as an in-home, positive method, dog training company. Jay Elfman is Top Dog's President. His goal is to open and operate a positive-method-only dog boarding and training facility in New Hyde Park, NY. There are 6 board and train facilities in all of Long Island, which has a population of over 8 million people. None of these facilities offer positive-method dog training.

Executive Summary
Top Dog Training, LLC was founded by Jay Elfman. He has five (5) years
as a positive method dog trainer, and is a past volunteer at North Shore
Animal League America in Port Washington He is a passionate and
certified (CDT-PSC ISCDT) dog trainer who has gained relevant
experience while working in the industry over the years. Jay has
successfully owned over 8 businesses in the past, one of which sold for
$27 million. Jay has an MBA from U of MD.

Customer Problem
There are 460,000 households on Long Island with dogs. Per a recent
American Pet Product Association National Pet Owners Survey, five
percent of the dogs in the U.S. take a training class. That amounts to over
23,000 dogs. Most owners of those dogs prefer positive reinforcement
training vs balanced training, where dogs are subjected to shock collars.
Top Dog would have the only facility on Long Island to offer positive￾method training.

Top Dog will have 4 profit centers. 1) Boarding & Training of dogs; 2) Day classroom training for dogs 3) In￾home dog training and 4) Retail sales of dog-related items. As stated earlier, there is no positive-method
board & train facility on Long Island, yet most dog-owners would prefer not to subject their dogs to E￾Collars (shock collars). Therefore a latent demand exists for positive-method training, which does not use
such devices.

Target Market
Dog owners will drive up to 3 hours to bring their dogs to a 2 to 6-week board and train facility. That
equates to an area inclusive of New York City, parts of Southern Connecticut, and all of Long Island. There
are 17 million people in this area. Thirty-eight percent are dog owners. Dog owners will stretch financially
for their furry friends, so the market includes the middle class and higher. Even 5 percent of this number is

Business Model
The offering of the only brick-and-mortar facility on Long Island to train dogs via the positive method will
be the primary revenue component. Secondarily, Top Dog will offer classroom instruction for day
boarders. Thirdly, in-home dog training will be offered to those customers who prefer not to leave their
dogs in a boarding facility. For all three options, customers will be able to book online.

Based on historical data compiled during Top Dog Training's existence, we have found that more dog
owners prefer positive-method training than balanced methods. There are no real subsets of our target
market other than focusing on middle to upper-class dog owners.

Sales/Marketing Strategy
Once the customer finishes the training program for their dog, they will be contacted monthly with training
tips and requests for referrals. Customers will be acquired via the following, in order of priority: Google
Ads, Google Guaranteed, SEO, customer referrals, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Veterinarian referrals, and
referrals from the following: 1)Pet stores 2) Animal shelters 3) Breeders 4) APDT (Assoc of Pro Dog
Trainers) and word of mouth.

Only 6 board & train facilities exist in the trade area. Our closest competitor, Canine Commander, is in
Bethpage. We have confirmed that they use a balanced training approach, meaning that E-collars and
prong collars are likely used in training dogs. Dedicated Dog Training has a facility in Suffolk County. As an
interesting note, the owner claimed he is booked until March 2023. None of these facilities offer positive method dog training.

Competitive Advantage
As stated earlier, Top Dog Training would be the only company offering boarding and positive-method
training. The competition uses harsh measures like shock and prong collars to force their dogs into
compliance. Positive reinforcement training uses a reward (treats, praise, toys) for desired behaviors. The
reward makes them more likely to repeat the behavior, therefore positive reinforcement is a powerful tool
for shaping a dog's behavior.

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