Nature's Serendipity

Nature's Serendipity will provide products that combine natural sources such as wood, pottery and plant materials, in a unique and creative way.

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By combining natural materials with a variety of handcrafted items, we create product for sale  that is not only high-quality, functional and unique, but that represents all of nature's seasonal colors and interest.
Our customers will include all of the Hudson Valley, NYC, Albany and the Catskill Region of NY, as well as seasonal tourists to those areas.
We project triple sales volume by the fourth year.  We will easily profit 2.5 to 4 times the cost of production on each item sold, as many of the materials used in production will be renewable resources grown on-site.
We will be closing this month on the property in the upper Catskill Region of NY.  We have put together our creative team and developed our Business Plan, complete with spreadsheets.
Our team is comprised of well-rounded, educated individuals with extensive work experience.  The co-owners have also individually owned and managed a successful past business.
We currently work together at a multi-million dollar a year plant nursery in Westchester County, NY, and know the wants and needs of our customers well.
We have our Business Plan, spreadsheets and resumes of the co-owners available upon request.

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