TN RV Resort

Starting a RV resort & event area

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We want to start a RV resort in middle tn. Cabin rentals, glamping, event revenue with multiple other revenue streams. Our funding needs vary depending on the amount of investing we get. If we purchase the land ourselves it will be smaller and that will determine the setup, use , and amenities offered. If we can receive more funding we can purchase a larger plot with more diversity. A larger space would leave room for trails, cabins (nightly rental in our area $100-$500) glamping sites, event location and much more. The area we are looking to be in is near several highways and between 2 interstates. It is also located within a hour drive of 10+ state parks, nature reserves, and historical sights. Location is important  to ensure easy access for larger RVs and travelers not leaving their routes. With Americans buying campers and hitting the roads after Covid in 2020 there is a shortage of RV parks and Campgrounds with most places being booked 6 months out. Shipments for 2020 finished at 430,412 camper units, surpassing 2019 by 6%, despite a nearly two-month RV industry shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Oct 5, 2020( This does not include the used camper market. We have been watching the used camper market in Tennessee, lower Kentucky, & upper Georgia. Over the last 12 months campers are selling in hours! Our Team is prepared to put in the work and being campers ourselves we have seen a lot of campgrounds and know which amenities make the difference! Our Team consists of 2 husband and wife teams; Regon & Teresa Paris, Brandon & Cassandra Eckel. Regon is a Licensed Plumber & Electrician with 30+ years experience and also has some carpentry skills. He has the tools & know how to accomplish our buildout.  His wife Teresa helped him build his Plumbing Electric business as the office manager and accounting manager and managed a staff of 8-10 employees  before selling the business several years ago. She is also a Registered Nurse. She is our secretary/accountant and she is familiar with federal & state taxes, business licenses and federal filings. Teresa has worked in food service as owner operator of a Cafe for several years so she is familiar with health department regulations and food safety guidelines. Her commercial kitchen is still licensed and can be used to cook catering for events at the campground without the extra expense of a commercial kitchen on site.  Teresa & Cassandra bought a failing business in 2018  and turned it around and sold it in 2020 for a profit.   Cassandra has some college and has taken several classes in business management. She has been managing businesses and employees since 2006.  She also owned a food prep company for several years she is also familiar with food service and safe handling guidelines. Cassandra's Spouse Brandon is a military veteran  and has 20+ years in maintenance and machining.  He has owned his own business since 2014. His business has continued to grow and has doubled its revenue even through the mandated closures in 2020.  We feel like Location, Business experience, vision, & determination will make this project flourish.  With funding of a bigger piece of property we can be a destination as well as a hub for people traveling in our area.  Lakes, water features such as creeks or already existing structures drive up these land prices. With 500k-1Mil we believe we can have an income producing  facility in weeks not months with these features.

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