Brand name is won1one (trademark and domain name owned). Function plus fashion very broadly speaking "apparel"

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A unique product designed for both function and fashion. Need to launch quickly since my idea is already getting out in the public ahead of me. won1one. "Born in Cali with Love".   Since this huge idea is highly confidential, I cannot reveal the details until a NDA is signed.  Although not utilizing a PPM, I still want only serious, affluent investors who have plenty of cash available and also have a high risk tolerance.  No immediate return of investment evident or forthcoming for at least 3 years when an IPO will most likely take place.  With proper funding and superb execution (I have an MBA and have managed large national brands with $10 to $30 MM marketing budgets as Senior Product Manager), my wild-ass guess (vision) for a sales projection,  3 full years after launch, is $1 billion (that's with a "b", The Social Network lol). I do not have time to dink around with test marketing, focus groups, CPA P&L's, etc. I just need to launch NOW (The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle [I highly recommend the audiobook]) and start to implement my guerrilla marketing effort:  social media, word of mouth, boots on the ground, massive sampling program, getting influencers to wear our brand and endorse the product and help drive consumers to the website. The universe loves speed and so do I -- time is of essence!  Daniel "Thunderjack" Jacques, ThoughtTwist Pres./CEO. 916.517.6925

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