Wild Horses Productions seeks bridge fund for supernatural thriller movie Thereafter".

90 day Bridge Investor to secure bankable name actors to generate $5M production budget.

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Covid-19 pandemic has caused a virtual shut down to the supply chain of films and TV programming. 

Wild Horses Productions film company seeks a 90 day ($400k) Bridge Investor to secure bankable name actors to generate a $5M motion picture production budget for a supernatural thriller, the film industry's most profitable genre. Bridge Investor will recoup principal + 15% on or before the commencement of pre-production and receive a portion of the film's gross profits in perpetuity. Our motion picture has world-distribution from a well-known Hollywood distributor.

Right now there is a window of financial opportunity for the independent film producer and the savvy investor who wants to profit from this rare event. 

  • Thereafter: Supernatural thriller genre; most profitable genre in the movie business.
  • Film budget: $3M to $5M
  • Producer/Owner: Wild Horses Productions, LLC
  • Hannibal Media: Distributor/Executive  Producer.
Production budget includes: (i) COVID-19 Insurance; (ii) Completion Bond and (iii) third party Freeway Entertainment for the disbursement of all proceeds to Bridge Investor, Distributor and Talent.

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