Earning 30% Annual Return

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Our main goal is to provide funding to small business owners nationwide. It is extremely difficult for small businesses to survive, especially in these trying times. With our MCA investment program, these businesses get the funding that they need and our investors get an annual 30% return in their investment.

In the early stages of our program, we initially designed it as a way to give our merchants a secure path to build their retirement portfolios. Our current program is now designed investors/entrepreneurs like you to effortlessly invest in small businesses while protecting your investment principal.

Our business gives investors a great opportunity to generate a dividend income based on the amount that is distributed. Usually, there is an enormous amount of time and effort involved when it comes to investing. When you partner with us, we take the weight off your shoulders and allow you to relish in your dividends!

With over 150,000 registered small business owners, you could make thousands of dollars. If there are concerns about risk? There is little to no risk involved with us. Our assurance policy protects any investments up to $250,000. Regardless of business performance, defaults, etc, partnering with TheBizCash ensures that you will never lose your original investment.

Sign up today and we will guarantee this investment with a 30% return.

*A funding summary can be provided upon request.

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