The Slammin' Sammich!

Raising 150K for food truck business.

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I am working on a business plan for a sandwich food truck, and to be a springboard for other restaurant projects. I am passionate about this one because I really love a good hot sandwich. My intent is to work within the Waxahachie area, I will make myself available for special occasions, offer fresh seasonal menu items, and we will also entertain catering opportunities.  Another marketing strategy is be a vendor at various festivals around the state.  The current intent is to also donate a portion of net profit to Scottish Rite Hospital, the remaining funds will be used to reinvest in food truck and we will save for future projects, we will also provide internship opportunities for students enrolled in the local high school culinary arts program.  With our proximity to the Dallas area I believe we will be able to move in and out of the area pretty easily.  I am looking to secure funding for a food truck and to secure a commercial location for  a base of operations.   Waxahachie is a natural market for my business due to the time I have spent here and the position I have been in the last 8 years, while teaching our high school program has built a reputation for offering a fine dining experience and been covered in many publications.  Another argument for my natural market is I married a young lady from Waxahachie, who's family is well known and goes back 3 generations of native Waxahachians.  While in my position as an Educator I have built relationships with people who can help facilitate the growth of my business.  Waxahachie has a current population of 35,000 with the expected 2020 census number to be over 40K and the Waxahachie proper area to be over 50K.

My background is I am a Classically French trained Chef, I have spent 7 years in kitchens around Dallas and Waxahachie as well as 8 years teaching Culinary Arts, after graduating culinary school I started out at a 5 star/5 Diamond hotel and resort for several years and worked for a James Beard Award winning Chef in Tim Byres,

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