"The Sing Scene" Multi-Entertainment Outlet Series

Join us to change the world of convenience & entertainment!

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"The Sing Scene" is a multi-entertainment outlet series that utilizes the cutting edge technology of: all-in-one customer and employee apps to bring convenience to our customers who come to our outlets, most importantly our business, "ChainLink Effect." Join us to change the world and provide true quality for customers AND employees! Pro-Karaoke stage paired with top of the line most popular arcade machines, original top secret recipes for our restaurant and bakery. Bundling and up-selling packages will be a convenience of epic proportions. Our business slides go into further detail of our other outlets that all combine for a legendary and world changing experience for all ages! Contact us today to get access to our business plan!

QUALITY:  Our number one motivation.  

We as the owners have been the customer and the employee for the types of businesses we will have as our outlets. Standing with our employees to better their careers and advance them into franchising our outlets in other states is one of our future goals for this epic outlet of endless entertainment and convenience for all ages. An employee who is taken care of will take care of their customers.


An all in one entertainment mecha of fun! Top of the line, most popular arcade machines handpicked by us, complete with a PRO Stage Karaoke sound stage to amplify the fun to the max!
Built inside this ultimate karaoke arcade will be a restaurant with dog friendly patio and bakery with pet options. A separate stage room and venue space for events, concerts, and space for rent for private parties and more!


With endorsed food items such as Mr. BEAST burgers endorsed by the oh so popular hit YouTube Personality himself (My uncle and cousin own Riad's Restaurant and are very successful especially after adding Mr. BEAST burgers to their menu.) Our signature food recipes that have never been seen before are in our top secret menu that will only be shared with our final investors who will participate in helping establish this brand.


A bakery with not only cakes endorsed by Buddy Valastro from the hit TLC series "Cake BOSS", we will also have signature items created by us. This bakery will also have pet options and subscriptions to our homemade dog food!


Our prize room will consist of only the highest quality wanted and needed products that people of our area buy the most. Endorsed products, anime merch/props, household necessities, Sing Scene bundles, and products for all ages!


Options to rent our venue space for private events. Our stage room will have very unique special events such as anime conventions, concerts, and more all available to purchase tickets on the app.


Like what you see? This is only a sneak peak. Our phase 2 is even greater than just the arcade! Our ideas are endless and they go even farther beyond this project.
Request to see our business slideshow, which will give you another look into our methods and let us pitch while you look over our slides so we may brainstorm together and explain in further detail our grand entertainment experience!

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