The Refrigeration Group Inc

Raising 300-500k to expand fast growing commercial/industrial refrigeration and HVAC business.

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We are a service and installation company who specialize in cold storage and supermarket refrigeration. We are expanding fast. We currently cover the majority of California. Right now have have brought in 1.18 million in revenue.  We have already passed that in our second quarter. Our demand has been overwhelming and its been good. However, keeping up with the demand has been tough. We need several trucks and need to hire 3-4 solid, experienced people to help un Southern California and 2 more guys for Northern California.  There has been a huge demand for cold storage for the food and cannabis which has increased our business.

Due to the increase in cold storage walk-in panels are in high demand. Another part of our investment is for purchasing a large inventory of walk-in panels and refrigeration equipment. There are more details to this which we will share once a serious conversation begins. 

We are currently seeking loans from various places but seems to be a slow process. Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity. Which is why we are working so hard to get this capital.

The growth has been massive the past few months. We are going to double in size by the end of the year

Quick back story. I started this business a few years back. The wrong way. No credit, no money and no plan. It was ugly but this year I got 2 partners that I knew would increase the value of our business. We incorporated and changed the name. But we have a great list of clients and contacts. 

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