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Raising $500k to launch unique home fitness equipment line and three COVID-19 trend products

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We are a three-division product development company. We launched our luxury brand, Palácio International, in December 2019, as a fully online e-commerce destination for our patent-pending luxury accessory, The QVONTUM. Our second division/brand is Palácio Home Fitness where we offer a beautiful line of home fitness equipment meant to be displayed proudly in our customers' homes. Our third division/brand is Palácio Design, a high-quality consumer products producer. Palácio Design has six products ready for manufacturing and monetization, three of which are targeted toward the markets that are growing due to the COVID-19 pandemic: being outdoors, consuming spirits more safely and more healthfully at home, and consuming drive-through or take-out food kept at the ideal temperature.

Each of our products has patent-pending protection. Each product solves an important need in our society. Each product has undergone very successful customer discovery process. We use a DTC business model that relies on strategic, efficient marketing both online and offline.

Our investors can be confident in a very diverse offering of products that are ready to quickly make a disruptive impact and rapid path to substantial profits.

Our founder, John Ambielli, has a wide experience profile included two advanced engineering degrees, successful creation, operation and exit of three start-ups. He is supported by a board that has a combined 150 years of experience in manufacturing, sales and marketing, and operations.

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