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Metabolic Nutritional Science....New Short test, with Specific Formulas for each Metabolic Division of the ANS.

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Metabolic Nutritional Science......based upon the Human Autonomic Nervous System. A Science founded by the Late Dr. William Donald Kelley in 1963. Dr. Kelley had been diagnosed with Pancreatic and Liver Cancer, thus founded this Science, which also saved his life. His latest book..."Victory Over Cancer," explains the basic principles of this incredible Nutritional Science.  During his career.....Dr. Kelley personally worked with over 33,000 Cancer patients, throughout the World.  I began this Therapy in 1985, to overcome Liver Cancer, Diabetes and Polycythemia. After serving in the United States Marine Corps during Vietnam, I began to experience some health issues, while in Undergraduate School. Since then, I have dedicated my life to this Science, written 3 books, created a soon to be released Documentary and designed a NEW short Metabolic test, along with a Vit/Min, Glandular and Enzyme for the Metabolic Types. We also have a Screenplay being written for a Movie and TV series. For the past 10 years, I also have been teaching Doctors and Health practitioners here in America and Globally in this Science. 
  My latest book, "Metabolic Mission," was Published by Christian Faith Publishing. It is for sale at Barnes and Nobles and on I have guested on several National talk shows over the past 34 years and also been speaking professionally at Colleges and Medical schools. 
  I am about to begin a weekly video presentation, to educate the world about Metabolic Nutritional Science. 
  We are ready to Manufacture our next run of my Formulas, both for sale via my website, Retail and Wholesale to many Doctors who have taken my course. I also am negotiating with Doctors Abroad, interested in purchasing the rights to make my Formulas in their Country, both for their Patients and to Distribute to  other Doctors at Wholesale prices. 
  I have been consulting with Cancer clients and many other degenerative conditions for the past 33 years. We also sponsored UFC fighter Gray Maynard in 2007, who was UNDEFEATED during our 2 year Sponsorship. I developed this new test and Formulas to meet the nutritional needs of everyone seeking PREVENTIVE Health support. Once one knows their Functional Metabolic Type, we give them a specific food chart to follow, along with the correct baseline supplements to accelerate and enhance their daily GENETIC Metabolic needs. 
  We also are preparing for another National Talk show tour, to market books, Metabolic programs and products. 
  We currently are also restructuring my focus on our New Formulas, market my new test and make our program very streamlined for everyone. With MINIMAL competition in the Industry, we want to reach the WORLD with Dr. Kelley's Metabolic Science, for people at all functional Health levels. 
Curtis R. Kuhn
C.M.T. - E.L.A.
A.A., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

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