The Malabar Farm Restaurant {D.B.A) name for Fair Flower Foods Inc

I formerly ran this restaurant successfully for 6 years, after moving to put my daughter through school, I want to reopen this 100 year old restaurant inside the Malabar state park

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I would like to reopen a historic gourmet restaurant, The Malabar Farm Restaurant, in Ohio, that brings desperately needed upscale dining to the area. My company formerly ran the Malabar Farm Restaurant  having won the bid from the state for the lease. We left on good terms, as I had to go with my daughter to get her through college. I have gone through a divorce a few years ago that left my credit although in the 750 and excellent , with late payments that bar me from a commercial loan for a few years. I have the complete branding that I used before, and there is notable interest in seeing it reopen in the community as a popular bus tour, date night and general culinary delight. The from scratch menu features fresh fish, hand cut steaks as well as vegetarian and Keto friendly items. I myself, Dan Bailey, have over 30 years experience in foodservice of all types. I formerly held the lease for about 6 years and was always profitable from the first pay period. I have won the bid again from the state.  I have a good name with the state and would be using local bore produce, meats and products. The property also has a great deal of traffic from the festivals at the park. I am a working chef and I work my business everyday.  to keep labor down and guarantee consistency. An ideal time to reopen would be April or May as covid restrictions may have eased by then. The festivals are currently cancelled until May, but the restaurant has always done well on its own when I've had it. Please consider me , Dan Bailey

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