The Linner Foundation

Empowering Personal Growth

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The Linner Foundation is a non profit organization providing assistance and support to families and the community by promoting foster care support, mental health first aid awareness, family empowerment and development support services, healthy living awareness programs and family navigator services.  Our goal is to empower individuals and families through support, research, workshops and training by education and prevention through awareness. By providing these quality services, our mission is to educate, inform and inspire the empowerment of families by creating lasting solutions for healthy living. Our Support for Fathers is focus on fathers with children with special needs but we welcome all fathers and we will help fathers engage fully, effectively, and responsibly in their children’s lives. We will help you build a healthy and nurturing relationship with your children. We support fathers with their children by providing them with training, Child Support Assurance for members and iep advocacy support and resources that can assist parents we can connect you with qualified individuals to get you started.

We provide a wide range of services for fathers whether you live with your children or not. We can assist you in your pursuit of problem solving for some of your toughest parenting challenges. We offer support groups, parenting workshop ,networking and family activities. We are dedicated to providing counseling and community education to father's and families in need.

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