The illo

Experimental music, video, and audio projects including two podcasts so far. A dark thriller comedy musical radio show, and one one about the creative process to inspire new ideas.

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So, at The illo we are all about the audio, video, podcast, and music projects. We have a studio equipped with all the hardware and software for all audio and editing needs. 

Collectively, we have 20+ years of experience in audio, music, entertainment, and acting (including Improvisation). We love to study and experiment with music, audio, and vocal capabilities. Which has taught us how to do more with very little.

We are more than happy to help bring your project to life. We don't believe that it will take that long to complete. We are easy to work with and love to hear whatever feedback you have. We're open minded and ready to learn whatever is needed to complete each project.

We're looking for enough funding to lease\rent out a space large enough for a soundstage, recording studio, video production set, workshop, and office space. Funding will also be used to hire staff and talent (full-time and part-time), sound equipment, computers, orchestral instruments, video production equipment, items and props for sound design and set dressings, possible remodeling of space, wages/rental costs/monthly fees/marketing/licensing/attainment of new and necessary equipment costs/any additional monthly fees and expenses for 12 months.

- James Kirkland of The illo-

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The illo is no longer seeking funding.