The Executive Hit Club, Seeking $250k for disrupting the fitness sector of resistance and cardio training.

Seeking 250K for the safest, most effective, and efficient A.I. workout on the market which is disrupting resistance and cardio training.

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The Executive Hit Club, seeking $250k for 48% equity in this company which is disrupting the fitness sector of resistance and cardio  training .

 The Executive Hit Club. The safest, most effective, and efficient AI workout on the market. Disrupting the resistance training and cardio fitness market. We are a premier 15-minute workout Studio. It is a one-on-one training facility open from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm with trainers, and 24/7 once the client has been trained properly to use the top-of-the-line autonomous computerized fitness equipment. Once the client has been trained and given a private code to get through the doors, he or she can schedule their time via their phone app. Every workout will be set like an appointment. No other gym in the world has our exact machines and set up, it is the cream of the crop next generational. We feel we will get a lot of nighttime clients from the big Sarasota Memorial Hospital across the street. They will be able to work out in their scrubs and go back to work after their 8- 20-minute-high intensity workout. The building will be kept fairly cool with fans available to help clients from getting sweaty. There are no mirrors, pictures, or music playing, nor other clients watching you - no distractions! Just get in work hard and leave and leave a better person.
Before you enter, our scanner outside will scan your temperature and member card to let you in. Once inside you will then start your warmup on our FDA Class II Bemer station, the Bemer safely helps your blood circulate faster bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. Then after your workout taking the waste away from your muscles and your body.
(,) Then to the foundation of our club, the workout, the ARX computerized machines, ( That will be the main workout but if they want to do the Carol bike 8-minute workout on the same day they will go over to their pre reserved carol bike area, ( If you did all three things in one visit you would be there 35 minutes. The ARX workout is a workout you will need to give your body at least three days’ rest from doing another ARX workout, so 1 to 2 times a week is all you will need, one for most people. The Carol bike can be done three times a week and can reserve the time accordingly, 24/7.  The ARX and Carol Bike are all computerized in the cloud so you will always be able to see your progress. (See websites.) Twice a month the clients will get on the inBody to see their body weight broken down into fat, muscle, and water, (
Again, these products are very safe for all ages, 15 to 115. ARX is great for beginners to professionals, and great for rehab as well. Our main niche will be clients aged 32 -72 who are extremely busy but realize how important working out is to their health, physically and mentally. They want their bodies back and to look like a leader, role model, for their family and staff. We will be helping people who did not think they had the time to work out or are intimidated in the big box gyms. 
Competition would be like a 20-minute workout studio, but they are like a Ford Pinto to our Mercedes-Benz Sedan.
Game plan is to start with one location then open up more locations as demand increases.

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The Executive Hit Club, Seeking $250k for disrupting the fitness sector of resistance and cardio training. is no longer seeking funding.