The Carwash Man LLC TM

I'm raising $75,000 for the The Carwash Man LLC TM which is a Mobile Carwash service that clean your vehicle within 30 minutes

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The Carwash Man LLC TM is a Mobile Carwash service that arrives at it's customers home and wash their vehicle( interior, exterior and tires)at the comfort and safety of their home offering a premium carwash at a very reasonable price compared to my competitors (although I'm the only Mobile Carwash in Fridley yaaay 😀)in 30 minutes or less .The Carwash Man LLC TM has well over 2000 customers  and will be receiving over a 2700% profit accompanied with an enormous amount of room for growth.The Carwash Man LLC TM has  a vision of expanding globally.I have took a few business courses at Santa Clara University.Ive taken a course in "Quick start entrepreneur, Starting a business and Business expansion" alone with achieving a certificate for each course.To this day I  have  been washing cars since the age of 15,I'm 50 now, so basically, that's 35 years of experience..In this business a person doesn't have to have a college degree to perform the task but you can make millions of dollars I've worked for a detail shop in the past, I've washed cars in my neighborhood and I also had a small carwash in my garage at my home.I enjoy washing cars and I believe it's my calling but now I'm ready to take it to the next level.I have displayed a concerted effort with The Carwash Man LLC TM.I have a enormous amount of customers so starting out  the Carwash Man LLC TM will be very busy and I will continue hiring on until The Carwash Man LLC TM customers demand has been met.My suppliers are on standby,they are located in Memphis TN .  Basically,the only thing between me and success is funding .I really hope that you can find it in your heart to help fund my business, it will turn into a multi million dollar business.Laminated business flyers will be mailed to my customers Via USPS .ADP  will also  assist in designing The Carwash Man LLC TM mobile app that my customers can go to in order to schedule and pay for the service . I also have payroll, workscomp and unemployment insurance ready for my employees.ADP is waiting on me to open a business account in order for them to run a payroll test run.After my first year in business I plan to open a brick and mortar location that my customers can come to in the winter months when the Mobile Carwash is closed for the winter.The Carwash Man LLC TM open and close dates will be from April 15th - October 31st 7am-6pm Mon-Sat.I also have a snap mailbox address for my business that's been provided to me through  my CMRA(Commercial Mail Receiving Agent). The Carwash Man LLC TM also has plans on having TV commercials  to better advertise The Carwash Man LLC TM  with the intentions of providing a Mobile Carwash to the entire Fridley Minnesota area which is the home of over 30,000 residents.I also have a business advisor that I can contact anytime if I have any questions, and a licensed agent with ADP  as well.As you can see, my monthly business income is less than $2500 actually it's $0, this $0 will turn into  millions and  every gallon of ceramic carwash soap used the Carwash Man LLC TM will be receiving a little over a 2700% profit, the sky is the limit.The Carwash Man LLC TM was previously insured with Markel insurance but I stopped the insurance due to the fact that I did not receive a settlement that I was expecting to receive which was intended to be used to open my business, so I paused the insurance until I have the funds to open The Carwash Man LLC TM Thank you for taking the time to read my business pitch and best regards.......... Anthony Mensah  The Carwash Man LLC TM ....P.S  My business has a strong potential of being successful due to the fact that I'm offering the public a convenience.

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