The Axle Workout

Raising 1.5 Million to grow existing business and build a "smart" home barbell.

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The Axle Workout is Peloton for home strength training. Our V1 product currently in market is the world’s first Olympic-style barbell for in-home fitness. In Q1'20 we did $8,500 in revenue and so far in Q1'21 we've generated $159,000 in revenue.  This is up 1870.59% from Q1'20. We sell hardware direct to consumer as well as through select distribution channels like: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kohl's and Best Buy.

Our V2 product is a connected barbell that will track user data. We are open to discussing this in more detail once under NDA.

We currently sell our hardware then subscription access to our on-demand workouts plus live small group training. We also sell access to nutrition challenges to help people see results through better pairing of workouts and food. 

We have designs to make our barbell "smart" with bluetooth connectivity and the ability to track user data to help users understand their progress even better.

We are seeking to fill a 1.5 million seed round to expand sales in our current business to complete the prototype of our Smart Barbell Body Transformation System.

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