Tel-E-Med, Inc. & MedRecruit

Covid crisis tele-consults with rural community hospitals & ERs

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Anesthesia Management and Staffing

Implementing Telemedicine Emergency Consultations -  Q&A with Leading MDs in a variety of Specialities, including, but not limited to, Pain management, Critical Care, Palliative Care, Neonatal, Anesthesia, Cardiac, Hospitalist, Pediatrics, OB, Radiology, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Military Trained Providers with experience in Triage. 

We have doctors ready to go, billing set up, and an experienced management team.

We need capital for software implementation, marketing,  among other start up costs. 

 We have a great opportunity for brand marketing during this crisis and will continue to provide much needed tele-consults with small hospitals and practices that come across complex scans that an expert in radiology, high risk OB, pain management, neurology, etc. can assist in diagnosing and establishing a treatment plan. 

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