Team Trinity Fit, LLC

Raising $50k to build fitness app to expand current business and improve fitness industry

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Team Trinity Fitness is a company originally created to conduct online and in person personal training and nutrition coaching services.  This business will continue but I want to branch off to creating a platform that other fitness trainers can use.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my story and apply.  I am active duty military and have served in multiple combat tours overseas.  My fitness journey started in the U.S. Army as I assisted Soldiers in meeting fitness requirements for the Army.  I quickly figured out that fitness is my God given skill and talent.  My dream is to change fitness and impact as many people as I can and help them become a version of themselves that improves quality of life and mental health.  I started Team Trinity Fit to give back to my community in the form of promotion of health and wellness.  Soon after coaching health and wellness clients, I started to compete in bodybuilding and that changed my life.  The community of athletes are such an inspiration to more things than your physical appearance.  The love that I have for bodybuilding has pushed my dreams higher.  I want to impact the fitness community in a way that does not exist right now.  I want to create an expansion of my current fitness buisiness to create a state of the art platform to improve the success of other personal training and nutrition coaches like me.  The motivation that I have comes from my discipline in the military and from my 5 children that I work so hard to provide for.  I have sacrificed 18 years of service to the Army where I have used my passion for fitness with Soldiers.  Now, I am inspired to change the concepts of fitness and help deliver it in a new way as well as impact my local community and offer free events for those less fortunate who want to take care of their bodies and get in better shape.  I will make this happen by continuing to stay relevant in the fitness industry, research, never stop learning, listen to community feedback and apply resources and efforts towards the feedback given.  Lastly, this funding will change my life and it will change the life of others.  I will be responsible and discipline to use the funding money to see my small business thrive in the areas that I currently cannot support financially. 

Credentials: Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach through NAMS. 18 years military service, 3 overseas combat tours, Student in Masters Degree for Nutrition, Competitive Bodybuilder, Certified Body Building Prep Coach, U.S. Army Master Fitness Trainer.

The Idea: I want to re-introduce personal training and nutrition coaching by integrating systems of physique enhancement principles to lifestyle clients as well as re-inventing how competitive bodybuilding coaches, athletic trainers, personal trainers, and powerlifting coaches communicate with clients and conduct business.  I want to do this by designing a state of the art fitness platform that has features that non have on the market right now.  

Target Audience: Personal Trainers, athletic coaches, nutritionist, military personnel in fitness who want to transition to coaching, people who want the TOTAL coaching experience in one platform. 

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