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Raising $1,000,000 USD to make massive inventory purchases, down payment on warehouse facility, base pay for commission based sales force.

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Business Plan
Written by: Curtis Hall and Jesse Darling, Founders of TC Plastics LLC 
Created on May 1, 2022

Executive Summary


TC Plastics aims to provide steeply discounted, above-average quality, and consistently available consumable plastic products to the cannabis industry. The products we sell are nothing new to the businesses in this industry—they are used universally by almost every single cannabis company worldwide. The only differences in these products are quality, price, and availability. We aim to sell direct to small, medium, and large sized companies (ranging from single family operations to multi-state operators), allowing our customers to capture enormous savings through our wholesale-direct business model. Our plastic products meet the highest quality standards of the industry and are sourced from foreign suppliers that met our standards for consistency and timeliness.


We intend to target our products to business owners, warehouse managers, procurement managers, presidents, or CEOs with 1 to 5000 employees who want to improve supply chain timeliness for required business supplies, reduce overhead costs, and eventually simplify         their ordering to a smaller number of sources. 

We can sell our products en masse to nearly anyone who has an ownership or management stake in the hemp or legal cannabis industry. 

We have experience working with customers from all walks of life, from a simple farm operator to companies with exponentially more employees, revenue, and needs. 

Future of the Company

The hemp and legal cannabis business spheres are fast-paced, evolving industries. While being directly involved with that industry is lucrative for some, we know in our hearts that it is better to “sell shovels to the miners” in such a volatile industry, rather than try to mine ourselves.

Company Description

Mission Statement

TC Plastics, LLC is an Oregon company offering wholesale-direct pricing on high quality consumable agricultural plastics.
Principal Members

Curtis Hall — owner
Jesse Darling —owner
Legal Structure

TC Plastics, LLC is an S Corporation, incorporated in Ashland, Oregon in 2022.

Market Research


With our launch in 2022, TC Plastics joined the agricultural supply industry. Typically, companies in this realm sell to middle-men such as grow stores, online suppliers, or other wholesalers, who then pass along the original products at a significant markup to the end user. These end users are farms, dispensaries, transport companies, and other businesses that utilize consumable plastic products for the storage, production, processing, and transportation of agricultural products their businesses generate. The hemp and cannabis industries are one of the fastest growing industries in the country, expected by the Wall Street Journal to exceed $100 billion in sales by 2030 (

These industries, and auxiliary businesses related to them, showed enormous growth in the last few years. And, as more states legalize and demand for these products (and the secondary products, such as those produced by TC Plastics) increases, that growth is expected only to climb exponentially. Again, we are not tied to the success of any one company or state being successful in their hemp/cannabis endeavors—we offer products made for all and used by many.

Detailed Description of Customers

Target customers for TC Plastics are farms, dispensaries, transport companies, and other businesses that utilize consumable plastic products for the storage, production, processing, and transportation of agricultural products their businesses generate specific to the hemp and legal cannabis realms. 

Company Advantages

Because TC Plastics provides a product line that can be emulated, our competitive advantage lies mainly in our wholesale-direct-to-consumer business model. We will cut out the middle-man (although if they want to carry us, that would be a positive bonus) and shave a huge margin off the end user’s cost. We will find our direct customers instead of waiting for them to come to us, as with the grow stores traditionally carrying products such as ours. We will establish long term relationships that will be difficult to compete with. Our deliveries will be timely, our product quality consistent, and our inventory as complete as possible. Our communication of issues as they arise will be impeccable. Aside from ensuring our team is flexible, fast, can provide quality products and can work on short deadlines, we will take the following steps to support our sales

·       Ensure sales team members use our sales lead and invoicing system to stay in touch with customers and keep them updated on projects, as well as track trends in sales across their markets
·       Provide sales theory and public speaking training for all sales associates
·       Develop close relationships with subcontractors who can support us in areas such as graphic design, to ensure materials and presentations are always clear, interesting, and maintain a consistent brand
·       Hire from within the legal hemp/cannabis industry so that our staff have relevant industry knowledge

TC Plastics will meet all Federal and state regulations concerning importation of products from foreign suppliers, required safety warnings, MSDS for applicable products, etc. We will also require all applicable IRS tax forms from customers purchasing TC Plastics products with cash.

Product Line


Products include:

·       Turkey bags in 3 gallon, 4 gallon, and 5 gallon sizes, meeting industry standards for material composition, thickness, and food-grade usage metrics
·       Vacuum seal storage bags, in sizing that fits commonly used storage sealers, such as 11.5” x 20”, 11.5” x 22”, 11.5”x 24”, as well as 15” wide configurations for other equipment variants
·       Vacuum sealer machines
·       Black and yellow storage totes, 27 gallon and other sizes
·       Trim tote liner bags in various sizes
·       Trellis netting 
·       Trim scissors
·       Other items as we see fit

Pricing Structure

TC Plastics will offer its products at varying prices depending on the salesforce delivering them. We strive to offer our products direct to our consumers, straight from our warehouse, at nearly 30-40% lower rates than they are currently achieving. Our explosive growth and scaling will be driven by an above-average commission scale which shall incentivize our salesforce to exceed expectations and greatly surpass minimum quotas.

Product Lifecycle

All products are in demand by clients both current and prospective, pending additional funding to procure them from our manufacturer. Our customers grow an agricultural commodity that touches plastic numerous times during its lifecycle. First, it is gathered and stored in plastic totes. Then, it is trimmed and processed into large plastic totes, which are lined with consumable plastic liners specific to the size of the tote (usually 27 gallon). Next, the commodity is placed in turkey bags for display, storage, and sale. Finally, toward the end of its lifecycle, or for secure transport, it is stored in vacuum seal bags to preserve freshness and limit odor. Later, it is sold over the counter in plastic single use medicine containers and finally, packaged in plastic bags before it leaves the retail counter. 

Each step of this process represents an opportunity to serve our customer base with wholesale-direct pricing that dramatically cuts their overhead and operational costs. Each step of this process represents an opportunity to capture significant profit margins as well as “large ticket” sales.

Intellectual Property Rights

TC Plastics and Trappers Choice Plastics is a trademarked name in the state of Oregon, and we have filed for protection of our proprietary processes and other intellectual property, such as our logo. We have also registered our domain name,, and parked relevant social media accounts for future use and to prevent the likelihood of someone impersonating one of our consultants.

Research and Development

After establishing itself as a market leader in the wholesale-direct agricultural supply business, TC Plastics is planning to conduct the following research and development:

·       R/D of new products as requested by customers or employees (in our preliminary sales sessions we have had a lot of requests for new products we hadn’t previously been aware of). These include:
o   Vacuum storage sealers with customizable settings
o   Compostable storage materials
o   Reusable storage materials
·       We intend to partner with, or at a minimum donate to, entities working to offset gaseous greenhouse emissions caused by plastic production, or those who endeavor to research methods of plastics recycling that don’t emit gaseous greenhouse emissions.
·       Once we are secure in our incoming revenue, we hope to R/D storage methods for the cannabis industry that are not plastic-centric. As young Americans and humans of this planet, we would hope to fund the exit from heavy plastic consumption with the profits from doing so in the meantime.
Marketing & Sales

Growth Strategy

To grow the company, TC Plastics will do the following:

·       Secure adequate funding to maintain a consistent supply of in-demand, consumable plastic products for the hemp/legal cannabis industry
·       Network at agricultural, hemp, and cannabis expos
·       Establish a company website that contains engaging multimedia content about our services, an online ordering platform, and relatable marketing
·       Hire a salesforce motivated by generous commissions, healthy company culture, and long-term stability
·       Target our customers using publicly available licensure information, word of mouth, and digital marketing including “guerilla marketing” campaigns, social media blasts and influencers, intelligently strategized collaborations with relatable companies, etc.
·       Sell our products on Amazon as an Amazon FBA product
Communicate with the Customer

TC Plastics will communicate with its customers by:

·       Meeting with business owners, sole-proprietors, investors, managers, warehouse staff, and other employees within targeted companies 
·       Using social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
·       Providing contact information on the company website

How to Sell

Currently, the TC Plastics sales force is solely the two owners, Curtis Hall and Jesse Darling. Happily, we are not limited as much by personnel as by not having enough product to sell. Within a week of our first inventory delivery, we sold or received commitments for most of that first order. As we acquire more inventory and expand into the national market, we plan to immediately and aggressively add sales associates to achieve our desired sales growth. These individuals may also include dedicated human resources staff, social media and marketing staff, graphic design staff, and a veritable army of miscellaneous employees to ensure our success. TC Plastics and its employees will increase awareness to our targeted customers through online advertising, proactive public relations campaigns, attending tradeshows, and cold-calling/cold-approaching customers “out in the field.”

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